Welcome to Demon School!: ‘Evil Iruma’ Is FINALLY Here – and Too Cool For School

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Episode 6, “Royal One”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Fans have waited for 'Evil Iruma' since the end tease of Season 1. Finally, five episodes into Season 2, that's exactly who they get -- and he does not disappoint. Evil Iruma is extremely suave with unmatched leadership qualities and fully embraces his own ambitions, making him even more devilish than any actual demons.

The first arc of Season 2 lays the groundwork for Iruma’s personality change. Because Iruma was curious about Ameri’s sudden shift in personality, Ali-san cast a spell on Iruma in his sleep to turn him evil and let him experience it firsthand. Iruma’s change startles everyone, including the typically calm and reserved Opera. Asmodeus figures that Iruma has entered his evil cycle, a stress relief period that’s common in the demon world, so no one gives Iruma’s change too much thought.

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Even though Iruma is now “evil,” he’s still nice to his friends, though he acts more like their leader than their peer. Iruma is also more self-assured and flamboyant, and he doesn’t take bullying too kindly anymore. So when some students dump garbage in front of his classroom, because the Misfit Class usually helps take care of all the garbage, Iruma burns it all and decides it’s time for a classroom change.

Iruma leads the Misfit Class to negotiate a classroom transfer with their fearsome homeroom teacher Naberius Kalego. Kalego says that no other classroom is isolated from the student body, so the Misfit Class can only stay in their current room -- otherwise, they will cause too much trouble for other students. But Iruma suggests that the class can transfer to the “Royal One,” the classroom built for the former Demon King, which has been sealed off since the Demon King left school.

Kalego doesn’t want to entertain this idea at all, but Iruma doesn't back down, claiming that he can get the permission of half the school's faculty within a week. Kalego raises the stakes and asks that the Misfit Class get permission from the entire faculty within three days or they'll be punished. Iruma quickly agrees to all the terms before Kalego can back out of the deal -- his proposal was simply a negotiation tactic designed to trick Kalego into agreeing to the transfer.

Now that they're past the first hurdle, the misfits suddenly become reluctant about the classroom transfer. Many of them lack confidence because they’ve been looked down on since they arrived at the school. They're also generally easy-going demons.

Iruma takes them in front of the Royal One to remind them that they all strive for fun and chaos, which is what demons should be all about. This is why all but one of the classmates voted for Ameri during the election -- a reflection of their desire to disrupt the status quo. Getting their hands on the Royal One will be the ultimate disruption.

Iruma then appeals to the classmates’ individual ambitions and explains why the Royal One is perfect for group. The way Iruma convinces everyone to help him showcases his superior leadership skills; he understands that he alone can’t complete Kalego’s task, so he enlists his classmates’ help and turns his own goal into a common goal for the whole class. Now everyone is personally motivated to get the classroom transfer.

But their mission still isn't easy -- while there are some in the faculty, like the fun-loving Robin, that would sign the permission without hesitation,  there are also others that will be tough to persuade, like Momonoki, who has a crush on Kalego. Yet Iruma seems to have a plan, and he sends out Andro Jazz, best known for his thieving abilities, to be the vanguard. It will be very interesting to see how Iruma manages to get everyone’s signature, including the notorious grump Kalego.

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