Welcome to Demon School!: Ameri’s Date With Iruma Brings Her Greatest Challenge Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 20 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!, "Dream Date," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Azazel Ameri stands as Babyls' most impressive student in Welcome to Demon School! thanks to her physical power, position as student council president, a strong sense of responsibility and more. She defines herself mainly through authority and strength, but she also wants to be a classic shojo heroine -- and prove it to Iruma Suzuki.

Iruma and Ameri had a private moment on the Walter Park rooftop after Iruma's heroic victory, agreeing to go on a date. In Season 2, Episode 20, she takes Iruma to the Aqua Case park, where she must try to reconcile her powerhouse queen persona with her tender shojo desires -- with mixed results.

Being her studious and hard-working self, Ameri spends the night researching shojo manga conventions and story beats to craft a perfect date plan with Iruma. She sends him her invitation, then agonizes over which outfit to wear and whether she is being too forward with all this. Ameri feels tense as she meets Iruma at the Aqua Case water park/aquarium the next day, unsure if she is ready. Iruma, however, fails to notice Ameri's tension and enjoys himself as the date begins.

Ameri tries in vain to be the perfect shojo date partner, including holding hands, sharing an ice cream treat and visiting the souvenir shop. Unfortunately, she's too tall and strong for classic hand-holding or being carried princess-style, and she overthinks everything they do at the park. The pressure drives her to consider their date a disaster, missing all the fun along the way. She also knocks out a love fortune-telling monster when it seizes Iruma. Every phase of the date suggests, in Ameri's eyes, that she is too dedicated to her lofty position at Babyls to be an ordinary date partner. But how is Iruma feeling through all this?

As the date winds down, Iruma notes a cut on Ameri's leg and uses his magic ring to make her weightless, so he can carry her princess-style to a clinic. Ameri finally gets her shojo moment, and Iruma happily says how much fun he had on this date. His words lift her spirits, and she mentally agrees the date has been a wonderful experience. She feels inspired by Iruma's easygoing confidence and sense of fun, in contrast to her own high-strung ways. Being an authoritative, responsible student council president can't help her in all situations.

Welcome to Demon School! teaches Ameri the same lesson Asmodeus Alice learned at the Valac household: demonic pride, ambition and power cannot bring true happiness. Instead, Ameri and Alice find satisfaction and purpose in being Iruma's friend and enjoying the little things in life with him, without the need for demonic powers or noble titles. This may make Ameri's life better-balanced going forward -- she's the powerful, proud council president, but that's not all she has to be.

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