Welcome to Demon School!: A Huge Declaration Leads [SPOILER] To a Major Realization

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun, Episode 4, “The Student Council President's Gaze”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

It's clear to viewers of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun that Ameri has had a huge crush on Iruma ever since Season 1. But it’s common for bystanders to see things clearer than the players themselves, and this is exactly what happens with Ameri's feelings for Iruma in Episode 4 of the anime's current season.

After a spell was cast on Ameri that turned her into a timid schoolgirl, she lost her edge as the student council president. But she still wishes to do good for everyone that cares about her, so she pretends to recover by wearing Ameri’s usual clothes, but her façade doesn’t last long at all in front of Iruma.

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Ameri admits to Iruma that she doesn’t want to let down everyone on the student council, but she doesn’t have the confidence and the ability to pull off what the old Ameri did for the school. During her breakdown, she confesses to Iruma and says that she wants to be with him forever. This is a huge confession that the regular Ameri would never make, but it definitely reflects what she feels deep down.

Unfortunately, the confession goes over Iruma’s head because he’s more focused on boosting Ameri’s confidence. Iruma encourages Ameri by saying that her wish to be with him is only an ideal but not her ambition, and ambition is what drives all demons -- something the old Ameri taught him. Iruma also reassures Ameri that as long as she strives for her goals, everyone will support her no matter how she is.

Iruma’s words are the key to breaking Ameri’s spell because it was also Iruma’s words that kept Ameri in her current state. During the initial campaign speech, Ronove Romiere easily wins over the crowd with his flashy musical sequence and promises of pleasure. But seeing the crowd is what ultimately breaks Ameri out of her trance, and she’s suddenly reminded of what it feels like to be the student council president and admired by everyone, as well as her desire to make the school the best there is.

With her rousing speech, everyone at Babyls can clearly see that Ameri is back, and the honest pursuit of her ambition is what encourages everyone else to pursue theirs, so she handily wins the election. Kudos to voice actress Saori Hayami for subtly changing Ameri’s tone and showing her gradual shift back into her regular state as the speech goes on.

With Ameri’s landslide win, everything at the student council is back to normal, but Iruma decides to leave the council to discover his own goals, so Ameri fills his spot by recruiting Ronove. The criminal that cast the spell on Ameri is also apprehended, and it turns out to be one of Ameri’s stalker fans who wanted to turn her into the perfect waifu, which seems redundant since she’s already Best Girl.

The one positive that comes out of this fiasco is that it finally made Ameri realize that she’s in love with Iruma, and he is the only one she wants to share all her desires and emotions with, so he is now her new ambition. But since she’s back to being a tsundere, she will not confess her feelings again so easily. And given that Iruma is very obtuse about romance, her one-sided crush will likely continue for a very long time.

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