Watch Rave On Time with Charlotte de Witte

During the times when we miss raving, videos of complete sets or live streaming from our favorite DJs are more than welcome. Watch Rave On Time with Charlotte de Witte.

Charlotte de Witte posted a livestream from Mogren Fortress in Montenegro. Check it in full below.

During the set, Charlotte plays tracks from her new Rave On Time EP, tracks by Sam Paganini, Age of Love and more.,

In this case the location is Mogren Fortress in Budva, Montenegro. This Austro-Hungarian fortification built in 1860 on a rocky formation with stunning views out over the Adriatic Sea. Aperfect view of the sun as it sinks down into the horizon. It will provide a stunning and escapist backdrop for Charlotte’s unique mix. Rave On Time w/ Charlotte de Witte:

The ever more influential Belgian has been busy this year despite the pandemic, with her upcoming EP “Rave On Time” reminding us of the joys of being in the club. It will be exclusively available to purchase on Beatport from the onset of the livestream and comes on her own KNTXT. Label which is also an influential party that has held special showcases round Europe.

Charlotte’s Techno

Again the EP showed a subtle evolution in her style as she laced dark, driving techno, acid and rave with her own mystic ambience and stylish sense of sound design.

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Charlotte and KNTXT will also be dropping exclusive merchandise during the livestream that will remain available for a limited time.

In her interview with Pollstar, Charlotte de Witte answered the question to describe what techno is.

”A very difficult question. Music is something you experience and how you do this strongly depends on yourself as an individual, which makes it hard to pin down in words. What’s fast for some is slow for others.”