Watch Madeon’s Breathtaking Performance of Unreleased Song “Gonna Be Good” Live From Coachella

Madeon is currently in the midst of giving the music festival circuit a masterclass in performance art.

The Good Faith producer's innovative new live production has drawn rave reviews at major pitstops including Ultra Music Festival late last month, and now both weekends of Coachella.  

Hot off back-to-back sets at the iconic Indio-based festival, Madeon's performance of the unreleased "Gonna Be Good" has been uploaded to the official Coachella YouTube account. A bit of forewarning: if you're not feeling the fear of missing out yet, you soon will be.

In the clip, Madeon is perched atop a narrow cylindrical pedestal, a core characteristic of the performance, which effectively allows him to become immersed by vibrant visuals on all sides. During the captivating performance, he is seen delivering vocals from a mountain peak, beaming from the center of a polychromatic burst of color and standing in the palm of a gigantic open hand, all in rapid, mind-blowing succession. Central to the idea behind the show is making Madeon's silhouette seemingly one with the visuals in his immediate orbit, creating an illusory effect that is uniquely his own.

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Watch Madeon's Breathtaking Performance of Unreleased Song "Gonna Be Good" Live From Coachella

The latest leg in Madeon's "Good Faith Forever" tour is off to a very strong start.

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Putting together the "Good Faith Forever" show was no small feat, and took the helping hands of his team—which includes four visual artists—to make it a reality.

"What I love about this show—and the reason why I’m more proud of if than anything else I’ve ever worked on—is I feel like it's so distinctly the result of my taste and my interests, and my life," Madeon told in a recent interview. "All of my hobbies found my way into this show."