Watch Losk33’s Perpetual Search For Truth On New Music Video “Lord Have Mercy” X Foogiano

Virginia-based Hip-Hop artist Losk33 just released his new collaboration with Foogiano under the form of a music video for the track “Lord Have Mercy.” Overflown with creativity and strongly defying any rigid classification of the genre, he customized a new subgenre to describe his unique sound, ‘testimonial turnup,’ sharing elaborate stories stemming from an autobiographical approach to his own experiences. 

Clearly setting himself apart from most of his peers, Losk33 continues his impressive journey by dropping the genius piece that is “Lord Have Mercy.” He defies all forms of dogmatic thinking within Hip-Hop, thanks to his raw and one-of-a-kind lyrical eloquence, always perfectly timed and placed over the instrumental. “Lord Have Mercy” has been getting massive traction on music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. Losk33 is here to stay, exposing his fiery mindset that helped him in every needed stage of his life come up stronger than he was. 

Striving to offer his best through music, this versatile artist excels at translating his inspirations into sounds and lyrics, never straining for effect, and yet fully focused to deliver flawless urban tracks that represent who he is as a human being and an artist in perpetual search for truth.