VRJAM Launches Open Beta, Bringing Forth the Next Chapter of Virtual Events

There's a new page turning in the metaverse as VRJAM steps up to the plate to build the future of the creator economy.

Created on the MATIC blockchain, VRJAM is a forward-thinking events platform built with creators top-of-mind. What began as an early vision and framework in 2017 has since progressed to the platform's first open beta launch, which commenced this week. 

The real-time live events hosting platform is launching alongside several notable partners including Animal Concerts, a Web3 company with a record of curating elevated interactive concert experiences in virtual reality. VRJAM shares that there's much more to come on the virtual concert front, starting with the debut performance in the Animal Concerts Villa, which is soon to be announced.

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VRJAM Launches Open Beta, Bringing Forth the Next Chapter of Virtual Events

VRJAM is showing great promise through their rapid inroads in gaming, virtual concerts and more.


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The platform is also making rapid inroads at the juncture of virtual game streaming and esports. Teaming up with Polygon Network, the two are launching Planet Polygon, the next frontier for social PC and virtual gaming.

Their efforts in the arena have been rewarded with the financial backing of Fortnite's parent company, Epic Games. The company has placed an early bet on VRJAM by way of their prestigious MegaGrants Program.

Registration to join the VRJAM open beta is available now with several exciting new developments in the pipeline, including the launch of VRJAM's native currency, VRJAM Coin, on November 17th.