Viz Media Announces Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Season 2

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon wrapped up its first season on March 20 with Episode 24, "Sesshomaru's Daughter." That same day, Viz Media announced that it has been renewed for a second season with an official title: Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: The Second Act.

The new anime series was originally announced in May 2020 and is developed and produced by Sunrise, the same animation studio that adapted the Inuyasha manga into an anime series in the early 2000s. Although original Inuyasha creator Rumiko Takahashi contributed character designs for the series protagonists, she is not at all involved in the story's development. The series is directed by Teruo Sato, with Katsuyuki Sumisawa serving as the script supervisor. All other character designs are supervised by Yoshihito Hishinuma, with Kaoru Wada once again serving as the composer for the series' soundtrack. Most of the original voice cast from the original Inuyasha series returned to reprise their roles in the new series, with new voice actors playing the characters created for the series.

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As a direct anime sequel to the popular anime/manga series Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi, Yashahime follows the twin daughters of Inuyasha's half-brother, Sesshomaru, who were separated while the girls were still young. Named Towa and Setsuna, the twins were caught in the midst of a forest fire during the Sengoku period of Japan, which resulted in Towa traveling to Japan's modern era while Setsuna stayed behind. In the modern era, Towa is adopted by Sota Higurashi (the younger brother of Inuyasha protagonist Kagome Higurashi), while Setsuna is taken in by Sango's younger brother Kohaku, becoming a member of his demon slayer clan.

The twins are reunited years later when the time portal connecting Japan's modern era to the Sengoku period is reopened and Setsuna travels to the present while chasing down a demon. Towa recognizes her sister right away but quickly learns Setsuna has no recollection of their past together. The twins are joined by their cousin Moroha (Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter), and together, the girls embark on a journey to recover Setsuna's memories. Along the way, bits and pieces of the girls' pasts are revealed as they encounter enemies their respective parents fought around the time they were all born.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: The Second Act has yet to receive a premiere date.

Source: Twitter, via Funimation

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