VIDEO: Naruto Ripped Off The Dragon Ball Franchise These Key Times

Naruto and Dragon Ball are two of the most beloved and iconic shonen manga/anime franchises ever. However, there are some definite similarities between the two shows, where it feels like the former absolutely took from the latter. In this new exclusive video, we're going to go into just how Naruto copies Dragon Ball.

We're starting off with the main characters. In addition to having a lot of common traits, the two have also grown up across three different timelines. At their core, Goku and Naruto are quite identical. However, anime and mange -- like any other mediums -- do feature a ton of different archetypes. It's not a big deal that the two are similar in general. Yet it's not just archetypes when it comes to those two. Both have superpowered transformations and more animalistic forms, as well as shockingly similar color schemes. They're also both not exactly the best parents, although Naruto is definitely better.

Check out the video below for more times Naruto ripped off the Dragon Ball franchise. Although some of these are more anime/manga tropes than anything, there are some pretty startling similarities when you really break it down.

Dragon Ball Super was the most recent installment in the franchise, not counting the original net animation Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Although it's unclear just when -- or if -- the series will return, the Dragon Ball franchise is popular, so it's unlikely to stay gone for long. The manga currently expands on the ending of Dragon Ball Super, taking Goku and Vegeta into space to fight against the energy-absorbing Moro. However, it's unclear if when the anime returns it will actually pull from that plotline.

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