Valentino Khan Shares Heartwarming Story of Bob Saget’s Reaction to “Deep Down Low”

The tragic passing of Bob Saget over the weekend has inspired several high-profile electronic music artists to share their stories of meeting the late comedy icon.

Who would America's Dad have had such a curiosity and appreciation for in dance music? Saget made a particularly meaningful impact on renowned producer Valentino Khan, who shared a heartwarming tribute on Instagram. Khan explains he was playing a set at Encore Las Vegas when the Full House star approached the booth to introduce himself. The two exchanged pleasantries and although it was brief, Khan said that Saget struck him as particularly kind.

Later in the evening before leaving the club, Saget returned to the DJ booth to show Khan he'd been trying to identify his global hit, "Deep Down Low," on his phone and was surprised to find the track's creator was standing right in front of him.

Saget excitedly tells Khan, "I was trying to find out what song was playing and it’s you!"

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Valentino Khan Shares Heartwarming Story of Bob Saget's Reaction to "Deep Down Low"

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Khan says the moment left him mind-blown. The fact that Saget would take the time to go out of his way to share such a genuine reaction for the mere sake of it certainly speaks volumes about his character. 

Khan's takeaway from the experience is simple, but timeless. "If you can make a positive impact on someone even for a small moment in this life you’re doing it right," he wrote.