Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Gets New Manga Series

A manga series based on Ubisoft's open-world hacktivist video game series Watch Dogs is set to debut very soon.

A spinoff manga titled Watch Dogs Tokyo is set to take Watch Dogs to the neon-tinted streets of a futuristic Tokyo, Japan. It will be released as an online series on publisher Shinchosha's manga magazine Kurage Bunch on April 12. Watch Dogs Tokyo's storyline will be handled by writer Seiichi Shirato (Judgement, Princess Principal), with art drawn by mangaka Syuhei Kamo (Gangsta: Cursed).

In Watch Dogs Tokyo, an urban infrastructure management system named the J-ctOS was created by the mysterious organization Bloom Japan. With the backing of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the J-ctOS system went on to manage all infrastructure in the region and brought about a remarkable change in the lives of the city's residents. However, not all is as it seems, as the system is hinted to harbor a dark secret.

Watch Dogs is an action-adventure sandbox franchise with a focus on the use of hacking and high-tech gadgetry to assist players in their bid to battle corrupt officials, organized crime and other dangerous hackers. Its latest title Watch Dogs: Legion is set in the future dystopian city of London, where the paramilitary group Albion is allowed to patrol and roam the streets without oversight. In lieu of a main protagonist, Legion introduced a recruitment system, allowing players to recruit NPCs into the ranks of DedSec as playable operatives.

Ubisoft also previously held a contest in collaboration with Shueisha, publisher of the beloved line of Jump magazines. The French-based developer offered artists a chance to craft a story set in a number of its most popular IPs, with five entries chosen for publication in Shueisha's online manga magazine Jump+. One honorable mention was WRENCH MAKE SOME NOISE!, which was a short lighthearted story taking place during the events of Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs Tokyo releases on April 12. The Watch Dogs trilogy is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The latest entry into the series Watch Dogs: Legion is also available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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