Tower of God Chapter 512: Rak Is MVP – and May Have Gotten Even Stronger

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tower of God, Chapter 512, “A Dark Twist 14” by SIU, now available on Webtoon.

The fight between Bam and White started back in Chapter 496, and after more than 10 chapters, it is finally concluding with the original trio defeating White together. Of course this is mostly Bam’s fight, he even died and came back to life just to finish it off. But without the help of his friends, especially Rak, the outcome would not be so definite.

This is because White is able to gather all his might, and release the demonic force inside of him. It was established that White became who he is after his main personality, Hoaqin, made a deal with a demon in order to surpass his father. But this deal is also a curse. It made his hunger for power insatiable; he's had to continuously absorb souls in order to fulfill this hunger, and yet it is never enough.

Tower of God 512 White demonic power

White believes that by eating Bam, who he sees as a quasi-stand in for his father, he will finally be made full. Thus, when Bam attempted to absorb him instead, White is humiliated and infuriated. In his anger, he releases the full power of the demon to overtake Bam, and it seems that even Bam is surprised by White’s resilience. With one wrong move, he could be devoured.

At the fight's most critical point yet, Rak prepares to throw his giant ancient spear. He must turn into full-size Rak in order to throw it, which is a familiar and welcome sight -- though the mystery of his disappearing then reappearing clothes still lingers. With the bonus upgrade from the fishing game, he is now able to hit his target with 100% accuracy, not that the expert predator needs the help given his already strong skills. In any case, Rak’s timing is impeccable: He hits White at a crucial moment to disrupt his actions.

Tower of God 512 full size Rak speark throw

White's final clone, who gave millions of souls to Bam, asks White to let go of all the power, which is an unexpected but helpful ally for the trio. This moment is also particularly critical to understanding the antagonist. It was White's hunger for power that made him commit all the atrocities. If he remains weak, he could possibly be free of the obsession to be stronger than his father -- he might even find peace.

In the aftermath of his defeat, White’s power flows out to everyone on the field, including Bam, Aguero Khun and Rak. There are some speculations that White’s power only went to Bam, but there is evidence that both Aguero and Rak received them as well. A red wave of energy surrounds both of them after White’s defeat, and Rak even says that he’s being filled with power. Since White absorbed his powers from other people, it is reasonable to assume they are transferable.

Tower of God 512 Rak filled with power

It is a quick and easy way for creator SIU to give Aguero and Rak instant power-ups. As Regulars still climbing the tower, they are both outmatched by the enemies ahead, who are mostly Rankers if not High Rankers. This development would make them much better equipped for future battles. There are hints at further upgrades as well, such as Rak’s possible awakening as an ancient species. Rak has already shown extraordinary potential as a great Spear Bearer with incredible instincts, and it is his natural instinct that helped Bam win the fight against White.

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