Tower of God Chapter 511: The Original Trio Finally Reunites

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tower of God Chapter 511, A Dark Twist 13, by SIU, now available on Webtoon.

Ever since the end of Season 1 of Tower of God, the original trio, Bam, Khun Aguero and Rak, have mostly stayed in some state of separation for various reasons. Either they've had to go on their own missions or are undergoing actual threat of death. There are periods when they team up and climb the Tower together, but they don’t often fight in the way they used to back in Season 1.

Aguero’s main goal for Season 3 is to help Bam rescue his master. However, this proves to be much tougher than anyone had thought. Luckily, Aguero receives some unexpected help from his sibling Khun Ascensio, who is sent by his sister Khun Maschenny Jahad to help Bam complete his mission. Since Maschenny is the one who started this whole mess by using Ha Jinsung to lure Bam to war, Aguero is right to be suspicious of a trap. Nonetheless, he knows that accepting her offer is the only way to get to Bam as quickly as possible, so he agrees to the deal. When it comes to Bam, Khun Aguero is always willing to throw all his caution to the wind.

Aguero -- being the master tactician he is -- immediately grasps the situation on the field and knows that Bam is struggling with White for power. Aguero sends out his Sweetfish to help Bam; this is the fish that collected souls for White during the battle at the Protective Wall. Aguero must feel some guilt right now because he personally helped White regain his full power, but now White is using it to hurt Bam. However, he also sees it as an opportunity; since the fish is connected to White's soul, they may be able to hurt White somehow.

In the meantime, Rak, Hockney and Kaiser are stuck playing the fishing game when Hockney suddenly sees an item that he can purchase. It summons a spear bearer to the battlefield and allows him to directly hit a target once, so it’s perfect to use on Rak. While Rak doesn’t have much idea about what’s happening, he still knows that he must somehow help Bam. He takes out the secret weapon he’s been saving this entire time: the ancient spear. It was too heavy for Rak to use all the time, so he carries it in a specialized carrier made by a canine scientist.

The last time we saw this spear was during the Canine Rebellion Arc. The spear originally belonged to the Baylord Yama, but only the ancient species can throw it without hurting themselves. In Chapter 446, Rak was able to throw the spear to help clear a path for Bam and stop Baylord Doom, which basically confirms Rak’s identity as a member of the ancient species. This spear was able to considerably hurt high rankers Doom and Khel Hellam, so it's definitely powerful enough to hurt White. It's interesting that both times Rak has used this spear, it's been for Bam.

Tower of God 511 Rak throws spear

It's heartwarming to see the trio finally working together again in this chapter. At a time when Bam needs his friends the most, they are right there with him. Notably, they didn’t actually converse at all in this chapter, yet both Aguero and Rak know exactly what to do. This proves that their friendship is still one of the strongest bonds in Tower of God, and one of the most effective as well.

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