Top Artists To Lookout For This Week

Urban is the way to go for every mood. Whether you are looking for something smooth and calm or upbeat and fiery, urban has got you covered. For this reason, many artists try to break their way through the genre.

We have decided to gather the rap artists you should give a listen to this week.

Popp Hunna

Popp Hunna’s song “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” blew up on TikTok. Later the artist also released a remix of the track featuring Lil Uzi Vert. He also released other songs such as “I’m Single” and “Take Off,” making him one of the most buzzed-about new names in rap.

Biggie Babylon

The San Diego native artist Biggie Babylon showcases his rap talents in a new track and music video, “All In.” The music video is the ideal fit for an addictive and powerful rap song. With flashing lights gleaming through dark rooms, the artist effortlessly preaches success through devotion and hard work.


The Louisville native rapper, 2KBABY, puts his emotions and experiences into music like no other. With a natural talent for melody, the artist produces songs that paint pictures for millions. His tracks “Old Streets” and “Dreamin” have been getting quite a bit of buzz and attention.