TONIKAWA: Tsukasa & Nasa’s First Night Together is Even WEIRDER Than Expected

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Nasa Yuzaki was born with an optimistic name, suggesting that he can reach for the stars like the American NASA program. He studied hard to prepare for high school and college only to nearly get hit and killed by a truck. Tsukasa, a mysterious girl, saved the day. She and Nasa are now legally married, and Nasa is about to realize that marriage is more than a gold ring and filing joint tax returns.

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Tsukasa & Nasa Start Their New Life From Scratch

Marriage was Tsukasa's idea, but not even she is 100% prepared for it. So far, Tsukasa has taken the lead by visiting Nasa's apartment and bringing all the necessary paperwork for a legal marriage. The problem: she simply didn't bring enough stuff. She has little more than the clothes on her back, and Tsukasa didn't even open the pink suitcase that she brought with her to her new husband's apartment. Tsukasa doesn't even have anywhere to sleep, as Nasa's bed is too narrow for two people.

Nasa takes her to the nearest supermarket under the full moon, and while Tsukasa recognizes basic toiletries, she's new to the world of modern futons. Nasa explains the differences between down and feather futons, and the spectrum of prices and quality. Tsukasa chose a mediocre futon without complaint, and by the time she and Nasa return home with all of Tsukasa's new stuff, it's getting late. Now it's finally time for bed, but Nasa's adventure isn't over.

Episode 2 Brings Bedtime Shenanigans

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So far, so good in Nasa's mind: the paperwork is done, Tsukasa has a full inventory and her futon is laid out comfortably next to Nasa's bed. The lights go out, and Nasa lays there for some time, his mind still trying to digest all this. What comes next? Is this really happening? Why won't Tsukasa explain more about herself? At least Tsukasa seems comfortable; she's fast asleep, and she's getting restless down there. She had tied up her hair in two buns for convenience, but then the buns come undone, and Tsukasa doesn't notice a thing. She's tossing and turning with her belly out, and Nasa is concerned that his new bride will catch a cold at this rate. He fixes up Tsukasa's covers, but it's too little, too late.

Before long, Tsukasa flops right onto her husband on his bed and then slides backward back onto her futon, conveniently taking Nasa's covers with her. Nasa is feeling pretty chilly, but does he dare take Tsukasa's new prize and risk waking her up? No, he decides, best to leave her alone, even if he pays the price for it. Then Tsukasa gets to her feet and sleepwalks over to the sink for a glass of water. Tsukasa ends up pretty confused the next morning.

There's still plenty to figure out in this inexplicable, would-be fairy tale marriage, such as whether Nasa can financially support the two of them, and whether Tsukasa seeks a job or education. The most burning question of all: should they get dressed and undressed in front of each other?

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