TONIKAWA: Can Nasa & Tsukasa Rebuild Their Marriage After DISASTER Strikes?

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 9 of TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Nasa Yuzaki was born with an optimistic name. Like the American NASA program, he's destined to blast off into the stars and succeed at every endeavor, but now he's being tested like never before. He got married to his personal savor, Tsukasa, and he has to prove that he can hold up his end of the marriage. However, a fresh disaster has struck: a fire burning down his apartment.

Already, Nasa has had to defend his marriage from doubters like Chitose, Tsukasa's foster sister, and Nasa bravely brought his new bride to his parents to try and win their approval (it was easier than expected). Now, Nasa and Tsukasa return to find their apartment up in smoke, and it's up to them to rebuild from the ground up. Can they pull it off?

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Nasa & Tsukasa Reach For The Future

Nasa's personal history is nothing remarkable; what he's really focused on is the future. Now, though, Nasa has a more immediate problem. Fortunately, he's handling the disaster maturely, especially since he already has all his important documents and money stored in safe deposit boxes and digital Cloud services. Tsukasa is deeply impressed, and she can't help but share an "I love you" to show her support for her down-to-earth husband. Nasa is flattered, taking the lead once again to look for new lodgings. He lands an apartment, but it'll take a week to move in, so the young Yuzakis are graciously allowed to stay at the Arisugawa family bathhouse complex. With any luck, they won't have yet another repeat of their awkward first night together while staying here on someone else's good graces.

A little drama rears its head before long. Nasa is actually kind of popular -- his big brain and cheerful attitude won the heart of Aya Arisugawa (Kaname's big sister) in elementary school, and Aya still isn't over those feelings. In fact, Aya doesn't know that her crush is married. She's given the news the hard way when everyone is together and Mrs. Arisugawa casually mentions Nasa's marital status. Aya is panicking, realizing that she had built up her feelings for nothing, and she had no option left (as far as she could tell) but to become an internet pop idol or something like that. What is the future supposed to hold now, she wonders? Nasa figured out his future, and now Aya will have to piece together hers.

The Couple Shop For New Duds

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There are still a few other fires to put out, so to speak. Nasa and Tsukasa have just a handful of clothes left, and once they take their current dirty laundry to the local laundromat, they realize that they've got nothing left to wear, and besides, as Kaname puts it, stylish girls like Tsukasa are always looking to expand their wardrobe to look their best. Tsukasa isn't overly materialistic, but still, it wouldn't hurt to find some nice new clothes for her, and Nasa could stand to restock his own wardrobe along the way.

Amusingly, Tsukasa's biggest issue is finding a new collection of undergarments, and Nasa goes red in the face and almost panics when his wife leads him into the lingerie section of a department store. Nasa had already promised Tsukasa her dream wedding to make her feel special, but for now, they've got to cover the basics before they can treat themselves to some big, fancy wedding.

What better proof of Nasa's worthiness as a husband than handling a crisis like this? Nasa is gracious enough to give helpful feedback when Tsukasa tries on new outfits and he's quick to flatter her. On the walk home that evening, Nasa is feeling confident to awkwardly but earnestly if he could someday see his wife in her delicates since he admires her beauty and wants to take the next step in their relationship. Tsukasa isn't opposed to the idea, though she hopes Nasa will return the favor. Getting overwhelmed, Nasa gives a token response, then changes the subject. He's had more than enough excitement for one day.

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