Tokyo Revengers: [SPOILER]’s True Plan for Toman Is Revealed

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 20, "Dead or Alive," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Episode 20 of Tokyo Revengers comes with revelations and a fallen hero. So far, Kisaki hasn't made any moves to take over Toman -- but that's because he has everything planned out so that when he actually makes a move, it will be flawless. Despite all of Takemichi's efforts in ensuring the future where Mikey kills Kazutora and falls to the dark side doesn't happen, he isn't able to save the one who caused Mikey's rage: Toman's secret hero.

tokyo revengers kisaki saves mikey

It's hard to remember that Mikey is only a 15-year-old kid, especially after seeing him single-handedly take down three extremely strong Valhalla members just moments after Kazutora landed some heavy blows to his head. But no matter how strong he is, he's still human. After everything, Mikey eventually collapses to his knees, eerily still.

Valhalla is the first to charge at the defenseless Toman commander, led by a captain wearing a black mask. His face is vaguely familiar to Takemichi but he doesn't have time to figure out who it is -- he has to save Mikey first. The Valhalla captain gets to the top and gets inches away from Mikey's head with his metal pipe before someone stops him. And it's not Takemichi -- it's Kisaki.

Kisaki declares that the 3rd Division will protect Mikey. All of Toman is impressed by Kisaki, with even Draken entrusting his best friend to him. Suddenly, everything falls into place for Takemichi: Kisaki knew that Valhalla captain and planned this all out so that he could play the hero when the captain went for the attack. And it didn't matter what the outcome of Bloody Halloween was going to be because it would still benefit Kisaki: if Toman lost then that would mean Valhalla absorbing Toman, if Toman won, then Kisaki would be seen as a hero.

tokyo revengers kazutora stabs baji

With a roar, Baji suddenly appears behind Kisaki and bashes his head with a pipe, breaking his glasses. This was Baji's plan all along: to infiltrate Valhalla and investigate Kisaki. Baji is thrown onto the bottom of the car pile by Kisaki's vice commander. Before Baji can attack again, Chifuyu blocks his way. Because Kisaki has set himself up as the hero of Toman, it'll look like a betrayal if Baji attacks him. Takemichi grabs onto Baji to stop him from going after Kisaki, but he remembers that it's not him who kills's Kazutora. Kazutora, who comes up from behind, and stabs Baji in the back.

After everything they've been through, Baji waited for Kazutora and never abandoned him. Even when Kazutora went over to Valhalla's side, Baji followed him. Kazutora was Baji's most trusted friend and the only one who stood by his side. But Kazutora saw Baji's loyalty to Toman, and consequently Mikey, as a betrayal. He blames Baji for forcing his hand -- similar to what he did when he shifted his guilt over killing Shinichiro to Mikey. He needs someone else to be the bad guy.

tokyo revengers baji down

Despite the deep wound, Baji thanks Takemichi and charges ahead for Kisaki...right into a horde of 50 Toman members. It's like he was never stabbed: Baji is an absolute beast, defeating everyone and has his pipe at Kisaki's throat in the blink of an eye. For a couple of seconds, it looks like Baji had overcome all of the odds and won.

But blood spurts out of Baji's mouth. He falls to his knees in front of Kisaki, the injury from Kazutora more fatal than anyone realized. But Baji knew: he knew he would have to make the most of his few seconds to kill Kisaki. And he knew when he asked Takemichi to take care of Mikey for him that he wasn't going to come back alive.

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