Tokyo Revengers Reveals Why Draken’s Imprisonment Dooms Him

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 13, "Odds and Ends," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Hina and Akkun's deaths in last week's shocking episode of Tokyo Revengers left a bitter and angry taste in Takemichi's mouth: he had been so close to saving them all, only to have it all disappear in a cloud of smoke. He tries to dig into who or what might have been the reason for their deaths -- and finds his answer in jail from someone he never expected to see.

As Takemichi returns to the past, he'll need to figure out a way to climb to the top of the ranks of Toman and take it down, just as he promised Hina.

tokyo revengers naoto crying hina funeral

Episode 13 of Tokyo Revengers starts on a somber note with Takemichi attending Hina's funeral. When Naoto sees Takemichi doing this, he sobs in frustration that things went so badly wrong. Takemichi realizes he needs to go to the root of the problem: Toman. He'll have to become the gang's head and take it down from the inside. Although Naoto laughs at Takemichi, he isn't fazed: he's willing to do whatever it'll take to save Hina. But to get to the top of Toman, Takemichi will first have to become a captain -- and with Pah-chin gone, the spot for the 3rd Division Captain is open, giving him a golden opportunity.

By now, they know Kisaki is the main reason why Toman ended up so corrupted. But saving Draken should've meant there was no room for Kisaki to both get into Toman and climb up the ranks enough to stand alongside Mikey. What's more, the reason why Takemichi had made it his mission to save Toman was because the loss of Draken had broken Mikey so badly that he had fallen into darkness, pulling the rest of Toman with him. Draken being alive should've saved both Mikey and Toman. After some research, Naoto finds out that Draken isn't in Toman anymore. He's in jail, and on death row, at that.

tokyo revengers draken death row

Draken, in the future, looks very different, yet he's still the same person from middle school. Gone is his blond braid, he's dressed in a suit and the air he gives off is much sadder and serious. But the way he speaks of Toman is still affectionate as he recalls how the gang used to be about a bunch of kids riding on their bikes and fighting. But Draken's face hardens as he says Toman fell because he wasn't able to kill Kisaki. He landed on death row because he killed people on Kisaki's orders. Draken tells Takemichi that he's in danger as well, and he needs to leave Tokyo.

When Kisaki joined Toman, he idolized Mikey. But for some reason, that turned into hatred. Now his goal is to take down Mikey and take away everything he cares about. Mikey is nowhere to be found and in those 12 years, Kisaki had climbed his way to the top to become the acting commander. For whatever reason, Hina's murders in Tokyo Revengers seem to be linked to Kisaki.

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When Takemichi time leaps back to the past, he finds himself at the public baths with Mikey and Draken. Watching Draken crow at his physique and his new scar -- and Mikey landing a sucker punch right at his injury -- makes Takemichi unexpectedly happy. This is the Toman he loves and it's strange to think that in 12 years, all of it changes. The three of them leave the facility and meet up with the rest of the captains who are waiting outside. Mikey announces it's time for Toman to formally welcome its new 3rd Division Captain.

It's shocking for Takemichi to hear, to say the least. Just moments ago, he had been making plans to become a Toman captain after all. Could Mikey possibly be referring to him? And if not, who will be the new captain in Toman?

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