Tokyo Revengers: Mikey Makes a Hugely Unpopular Choice for Toman’s New Captain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 14, "Odds and Ends," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In an intense Episode 14 of Tokyo Revengers, things can hardly look any bleaker for Toman. Mikey reveals the 3rd Division's newest captain, and it's the worst possible choice for the position. Meanwhile, Takemichi is introduced to one of Toman's founding members -- albeit in an unconventional manner -- who doesn't stay long but makes an earth-shattering announcement. Toman is splitting apart -- but Takemichi may have a chance to save it before it's too late.

tokyo revengers kisaki 3rd division captain

When the members return to their base at Musashi Shrine in the episode, Mikey calls for a meeting to announce the new 3rd Division captain. There are a few minutes of silence where nobody appears and Takemichi wonders if Mikey is waiting for him to come up, but two people suddenly walk toward Mikey. One of them is Kisaki Tetta.

Kisaki deliberately sits so his back faces against Mikey, causing an instant uproar from the other members who see this as a blatant display of disrespect. Not only that, but Kisaki used to be a member of Moebius -- he can't be trusted. The calls for Kisaki's removal are cut off by Draken, while Mikey tells the rest of Toman that Kisaki is joining because they'll need his strength when they eventually go head-to-head with Valhalla. Toman is too small in numbers right now and will be crushed without his support. Kisaki bows to Mikey and thanks to him, which he blithely brushes off.

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On the other side, Takemichi spirals into panic as he already knows who Kisaki is and what he's capable of. Not only has Kisaki joined Toman as a member but he's already jumped all the way into a captain's position. This is the worst possible outcome that could happen in Tokyo Revengers: Kisaki is now in an optimal position to kill Hina again and before he knows it, Takemichi's at the top of the stairs, smashing his fist into Kisaki's face.

Although Draken voiced some doubt over Mikey's decision to appoint Kisaki, he's furious at Takemichi -- he's not even in Toman, so what makes him think he has the authority to essentially rebel against Mikey? Out of nowhere, 1st Division captain Baji Keisuke punches Takemichi's face and he's only barely saved by Mitsuya. It turns out Baji isn't allowed at meetings anymore due to an internal conflict. His attack on Takemichi was an excuse to quit Toman and head for Valhalla, and he declares he is Toman's enemy.

tokyo revengers kazutora middle school

Kisaki's retaliatory punch to Takemichi is so strong that it knocks him out. When Takemichi wakes up, the meeting has dispersed, leaving only Mikey behind, who laments that it's difficult to grow an organization because someone will inevitably leave whenever a new member comes in. It'll be a long time before Mikey's dream of a new age of delinquents in Tokyo Revengers will come true. He also reveals Toman was originally founded by five members: himself, Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-chin and Baji when he was in his first year of middle school. The slight pause at the end of Mikey's words hints he's holding something back.

As childhood friends, Baji used to pick fights with Mikey but often got his butt handed to him by the Toman commander. But they are still friends now, and Mikey asks Takemichi if he can bring Baji back. Takemichi agrees but asks for a favor: if he brings Baji back, then Kisaki needs to be kicked out. Mikey agrees rather easily -- he knows Kisaki is bad news but at the same time, he was an integral part in Toman's victory against Valhalla. If Takemichi wants Kisaki kicked out, then he has to prove he's more useful than the former Moebius member. And if he fails to bring Baji back, Mikey's eyes flash sinisterly, he'll kill Takemichi.

Takemichi soon becomes an official member of Toman and part of Mitsuya's division. Then something catches his eye: an omamori with a photo of the founding members inside. But contrary to Mikey's words, there's a sixth member who has a tattoo on his neck and his arm slung around Baji's shoulder. Whoever this is, it seems he'll have a key role as Tokyo Revengers continues -- he's the first person Baji meets with after leaving Toman.

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