Tokyo Revengers’ Bloody Halloween Ends With [SPOILER’s] Future Death

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 17, "No Way," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After finding out the circumstances of Kazutora's absence from Toman in Tokyo Revengers, it now seems like an impossible job for the time-hopping Takemichi to bring back Baji in the gang warfare saga. Kazutora is set on killing Mikey, and by choosing to go to Valhalla and standing by Kazutora's side, it's clear what Baji's stance is. Unfortunately, this leads to deadly results by the (future) end of the anime's Bloody Halloween arc.

It's not totally hopeless though. In Episode 17, despite the daunting job looming in front of him, Takemichi does find an unexpected ally in Toman who might be able to help him.

tokyo revengers chifuyu

Episode 17 of Tokyo Revengers reveals that the reason Baji isn't in juvie with Kazutora is that the latter vouched for him, and Baji has been waiting for his friend to get out all this time. Meanwhile, Hanma announces that Valhalla will be coming for Toman on October 31 -- one week's time. Takemichi is distraught. Not only did he fail to convince Baji to come back to Toman but now he only has a week to figure out what to do. Then, unexpectedly, he runs into the guy who Baji beat to a pulp, Chifuyu Matsuno, the 1st Division's Vice-Captain.

Even though Baji hurt Chifuyu badly, he's all smiles as he talks about Baji. He even chides Takemichi, saying that he should be thankful that Baji had been the one to hit him during Kisaki's ceremony. Despite all the signs pointing to Baji having turned his back on Toman, Chifuyu has been by his side for so long that he's sure that he has gone over to Valhalla's side for Toman -- he wants to expose Kisaki. Chifuyu asks Takemichi for help and in exchange, he'll help Takemichi reach his goal.

Takemichi and Chifuyu find Mikey and Draken at the cemetery, visiting Mikey's brother. The mood is somber as Mikey tells them that Baji and Kazutora had been trying to steal Shinichiro's CB250T. Now that Shinichiro is gone, this bike -- the bike that ended up being the cause of so much heartbreak -- is the only thing he has left of his brother. When he's on it is when he feels the closest to him. Although he knows that Shinichiro's death was an accident, Mikey can't forgive Kazutora for killing him, nor can he forgive Baji for going to Valhalla to be with Kazutora.

Remembering his vow as he watched Hina die in the fire, Takemichi declares -- to Mikey's face -- that he's going to be the head of Toman. But instead of laughing at him, Draken and Mikey respond with nothing but fond smiles, as if they're looking forward to seeing what Takemichi will do.

tokyo revengers mikey visit shinichiro grave

Takemichi and Chifuyu's investigation then takes them to Osanai, Moebius's former commander. Osanai tells them that he was approached by Kisaki one day and offered a deal: Kisaki would help him take over Tokyo and as long as Osanai did whatever Kisaki told him to do, things would fall into place. Kisaki even orchestrated everything that led up to the August 3 battle where Draken was stabbed. He also promised Mikey that he had a way to free Pah-chin. Therefore, Chifuyu concludes that the "Headless Angel" is Kisaki, the invisible leader of Valhalla.

With this knowledge, Takemichi time leaps back to the future and immediately seeks out Draken again in his jail cell to have the information confirmed. However, when he asks Draken if Kisaki is Valhalla's leader, he refutes it: it's actually Mikey. Toman had lost the battle on Bloody Halloween because of Mikey and, as a result, Valhalla absorbed Toman. Draken admits he should have realized how much of a "giant-ass cross Mikey had to bear" as a 15-year old.

On that day, Mikey killed Kazutora. Is this truly the beginning of the fall of Toman? We'll have to see if this future becomes a reality in Tokyo Revengers' future episodes.

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