Tokyo Ghoul: The Ghoul-Hunting Life of Kotaro Amon, Explained

In Sui Ishida's Tokyo Ghoul, it isn't just Ken Kaneki who believes that "this world is wrong." Kotaro Amon of the CCG also wants to create a better world, albeit one without Ghouls.

Kotaro Amon is something of an antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul, where he clashed more than once with the hero, Ken Kaneki. But unlike some of his peers, Kotaro is not a bloodthirsty or ruthless investigator. He does things by the book and develops a strange relationship with the eyepatch Ghoul.

Amon's Childhood And Early Career

Ghouls have been a part of Kotaro Amon's life since his boyhood. An orphan and he was taken in by the kind Russian Ghoul Donata Porpora, a Catholic priest who ran an orphanage. Amon was comfortable there and looked up to Donato, until one day he stumbled upon a grisly sight: Donato butchering a child to eat. He was a Ghoul, and despite this discovery, he allowed Amon to live. Ever since, Amon has believed that this world is wrong, and he must find a way to fix it, even if he does it alone. He got his chance at age 12 when CCG investigators raided the orphanage and extracted Amon. Like many other orphans, Amon was educated and trained by CCG professionals.

Amon completed his training in due time and got himself a rather eccentric senior partner: Kureo Mado, the Quinque lover. Amon found Mado's ruthless and intuitive methods erratic and a bit unprofessional -- even dangerous. But Mado was a senior investigator with many kills to his name, and Amon witnessed Mado's expertise first-hand when he saved Amon's life during an investigation. Amon continued to learn from Mado and realized that even seemingly innocent and harmless Ghouls have the potential to be horrific monsters. He learned to keep his guard up and make no exceptions, but these views were put to the test when he later ran across a strangely apologetic Ghoul with an eyepatch.

How Meeting Ken And Akira Changed Amon's Life

Early in the main events of Tokyo Ghoul, Mado and Amon were chasing after Hinami Fueguchi at night, and they split up. Mado went after Hinami and Touka, while Amon was confronted by a Ghoul with a black leather mask that covered his mouth, nose and right eye. This was Ken Kaneki, and Amon did his best to dispatch him. Amon had the edge at first, but Kaneki eventually turned the tables. Oddly, Amon was in little real danger, since Kaneki held back and dealt non-lethal blows. Amon was shocked (and probably rather insulted) when Kaneki urged him to retreat, survive and avoid a needless death. Amon was enraged, but eventually, Kaneki convinced him with a show of force. Amon's thoughts would be plagued with this bizarre Ghoul who'd spared his life and apologized for his violence. Since when did Ghouls do that? Nothing Mado taught him had suggested such a possibility.

Mado was KIA, and Amon soon took part in the battle against Aogiri Tree in the 11th ward, though he didn't get a chance to fight Kaneki again, merely seeing him from a distance. Six months later, after a promotion, Amon was partnered with Kureo's daughter, Akira Mado. She was cold and calculating like her father, but less ruthless and sadistic, and she didn't seem to defer to Amon very much despite being his junior. Meanwhile, Amon visited Cochlea, the ultimate Ghoul detention center, and came face-to-face with Donato Porpora in an attempt to get intel on Aogiri Tree. He didn't get very far aside from receiving a cryptic clue about following Alice instead of the white rabbit.

Amon Facing Ken Again

Kotaro Amon led Squad 4 during the massive raid on Anteiku, the operation designed to find and kill the legendary Owl at any cost. Amon faced Kaneki once again, staring him down across an empty street at a barricade. After Amon denied Kaneki a peaceful passage, he did battle with his nemesis, losing ground rapidly. But then Dr. Chigyo arrived and delivered a new Quinque: Arata Proto II armor, which encased Amon's whole body. Amon turned the tables on Kaneki for a time, until he was overwhelmed once again. Kaneki was a Kakuja by now, far more powerful than he was the last time he and Amon had fought. Kaneki struck Amon down and went on his way.

Amon had lost an arm and had taken a serious blow to the torso, but he was still ready to fight any Ghoul who came his way. It didn't take long for that to happen: Tatara of the Aogiri Tree confronted Amon and his ally, Seido, and this Ghoul butchered them both with ease. Amon made a final push to strike Tatara down, but it was no good. Amon was reported as KIA after the Owl suppression mission was over, and that is where Amon exited the story of Tokyo Ghoul. However, Tatara hadn't quite killed him, and Amon would resurface later in Tokyo Ghoul :re. But that is another story entirely.

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