Tokyo 24th Ward: Shuta Becomes a True Hero For His Greatest Challenge Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 4, "Silver City," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Aoi Shuta and his friends Ran and Koki wield the power to see the future thanks to the spirit of Suido Asumi, and with those powers, the three boys saved Sakuragi Mari's life from a runaway train. Some time after that, this bizarre warning system foretold a deadly tornado during the GourFes event, and Shuta failed to dave the day.

That was just like the time Shuta failed to save Suido Asumi's life during the elementary school fire, and now, Shuta is on the verge of quitting this heroic lifestyle for good. Fortunately, he has two good friends who believe in him, and Ran has an inspiring message to share not only with Shuta but with Kozue as well. It's time to fight.

In the weeks following the disaster at GourFes and the unexpected message from the terrorist Carneades, the Asumi phone calls stop, and Shuta keeps his head low while he tries to process his guilt about failing to save Mr. Kaba's life from the tornado. At the same time, Mr. Kaba's daughter Kozue feels even deeper grief, and she starts behaving strangely. Her mother and Shuta both realize Kozue has been visiting the dangerous Shantytown recently, the seedy cyberpunk region of the 24th ward, and it's unknown what she's doing there each night. A concerned Shuta follows her there, only to run into his graffiti hacker friend Ran, who assures him his friend Kunai will look after Kozue.

Shuta expresses his doubts about the RGB group's capacity to solve crimes and save the day since they tried and failed to create a third path into the future during the GourFes storm. Shuta believes his team merely got lucky with the Mari train incident, and the boys will have to choose just one of two options in future dilemmas, which will cost innocent people their lives. Shuta can't bear to do that, so he thinks he and his friends should quit this hero business entirely. His spirits hit an all-time low until Ran reveals the true meaning of his latest graffiti.

kunai in tokyo 24th ward

Ran also feels terrible about the failure of the GourFes event, but unlike Shuta, he didn't let that dampen his spirits in the weeks since the disaster. Instead, Ran has been honoring Mr. Kabe's memory with inspiring graffiti all over Shantytown, depicting Mr. Kabe's heroic sacrifice during the storm to save his daughter's life. Ran tells Shuta that Mr. Kabe's heroism and memory will live on in everyone's hearts through this art, and Shuta feels inspired. When the RBG boys receive a third phone call from Asumi's spirit, they're warned of an impending terrorist attack on a nearby cruise ship, and Shuta doesn't hesitate to leap into action. He and his friends rally themselves for the fight ahead, their grief and self-blame forgotten.

Twice now, Shuta has lost hope after a tragic disaster; first the elementary school fire, then the GourFes storm. Each time, he had friends to give him hope and encourage him to keep fighting. It's clear that Shuta's heroic spirit is stronger than these tragedies, and he only needs caring friends to help him realize that fact. He relies more on the power of friendship than ever before, and that's what the RBG group is all about. The three friends have their differences, but they always support one another in trying times and make up for each other's weaknesses and mistakes. That's what it will take to meet Carneades' challenge and save the future from yet another disaster -- even if the terrorist happens to be Ran's friend Kunai.

Arai Kamiko, Nakanaka Omoharu, and Agari Himiko from Komi Can't Communicate.
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