Tokyo 24th Ward Shares the Darkest Storyline From My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Tokyo 24th Ward is a brand-new sci-fi anime series in the Winter 2022 anime season, and it depicts an alternate timeline where ever-present security systems raise all kinds of controversy in Tokyo's 24th ward. This creates a tense political landscape, and things get worse when drugs and terrorism enter the picture.

Aoi Shuta and his friends must contend with the masked menace Carneades, and this mysterious terrorist may be connected to a deadly new drug circulating in Tokyo's most troubled ward known as Drug D. This may remind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes fans of the dangerous Quirk enhancement drug known as Trigger.

When Quirks & Sci-Fi Collide In Tokyo 24th Ward

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In some ways, the story of Tokyo 24th Ward has substantial overlap with the tale of My Hero Academia, with both stories featuring young heroes who use unique abilities to protect innocent civilians in an increasingly unstable and politically tense world, including in the Vigilantes spinoff manga series. Aoi Shuta and his two friends obtained "Quirks" when the apparently deceased Suido Asami called them on the phone, granting them the ability to see the near future with cybernetically enhanced eyes. Shuta, Koki and Ran used their sci-fi Quirks to save Sakuragi Mari's life from a runaway train, but the adventure is just beginning for them. Now, in addition to disastrous tornadoes, the boys must contend with a new problem -- illegal drugs circulating in the streets.

This mysterious Drug D is spreading shockingly fast -- faster than the Hazard Cast security system can keep up with -- and it's not yet clear who created or distributed this drug or why. However, it's evident that Drug D causes violent and erratic behavior in its users, and the withdrawal symptoms are severe, as Akagi Ran saw for himself in the 24th ward's streets.

This is reminiscent of the dangerous drug Trigger circulating on the streets of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes -- an illegal substance that boosts the user's Quirks to dangerous levels, turning anyone into an instant supervillain. Koichi and his ally Knuckleduster are on the lookout for Trigger and its source, but this is a major challenge for them, and the villains are one step ahead. In both anime series, drugs are a bigger threat than ever, and it might take more than self-styled superheroes to solve the problem. Shuta and Koichi aren't ready for this kind of challenge.

The Implications Of Drug D In Tokyo 24th Ward

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In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, Koichi and his ally Knuckleduster have the benefit of months or even years of experience fighting as unofficial pro heroes, especially Knuckleduster, who almost has Batman-level investigation skills. By contrast, Aoi Shuta and his two friends are new to the hero business, and they have very limited control over their "Quirks" so far. Their future-sight eyes have been focusing on specific incidents, not general trends, and their eyes have not yet given them any solid clues on where Drug D came from or how to contain it. For the time being, Shuta is barely even paying any attention to the problem, although Ran and Koki are aware of it, and are both concerned.

Ran is a graffiti artist and gifted hacker, but not even he can determine how Drug D works, and Koki, even with the benefit of SARG resources, isn't making much headway either. Before long, Drug D may become a bigger issue than even GourFes or the impending terrorist attack on a cruise ship, and Suido Asumi's digital ghost isn't offering any clues. For now, Drug D is a total mystery and a serious problem that's spreading out of control, and Shuta may already be too late to do anything about it. If so, this drug's presence will make the fragile situation in the 24th ward even worse, and it may set off an all-out war between the 24th ward's disgruntled masses and SARG's agents.

Should that happen, Shuta and his friends will face the ultimate challenge, and for all they know, Carneades the terrorist is behind this. If he's cowardly enough to send a deadly tornado after innocent people, he would certainly spread a dangerous drug throughout the 24th ward, too. Shuta and his friends are vigilante heroes who are running out of time, and this Trigger drug is showing no mercy. Shuta must find a solution soon -- or else.

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