To Your Eternity: How to Get Started With the Anime & Manga

From Yoshitoki Ōima, creator of the widely acclaimed A Silent VoiceTo Your Eternity started publication as a manga in 2016 and has since been adapted into an anime for the spring 2021 season. The story follows an immortal being who was placed on Earth as an orb in order to learn about being a human. Gradually, through meeting various people and experiencing tragedy, the being named Fushi slowly learns what being human really means and all that is involved.

Like A Silent VoiceTo Your Eternity is emotional, meaningful, and tells touching stories from different walks of life. Considering it's a relatively new series, here's a comprehensive guide to what you may need to know about To Your Eternity and where to find the anime and manga.

Where To Read the To Your Eternity Manga

To Your Eternity Manga Cover

The story of Fushi as he travels around learning about humanity originates from the manga. It originally debuted in Issue #50 of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine back in 2016 and has since been compiled into a printed volume, released in 2017. Unlike other popular manga, To Your Eternity is unfortunately unavailable on Viz's Shonen Jump, but it is accessible for premium subscribers on Crunchyroll. All that was previously published is there, plus they are currently posting the Simuldub chapter by chapter as they are released in Japan.

For readers who prefer hard copies, the published volumes can be found on Amazon, Indigo (for Canadian readers), and Barnes and Noble, both online and in-store. Both versions provide the detailed story of Fushi and his travels, but the manga will give readers the original content as it was meant to be seen with no alterations to the art style. While the anime is certainly emotional and complex, the manga could even be more so as the original source material.

Where To Watch the To Your Eternity Anime

To Your Eternity Anime

The To Your Eternity anime adaptation was done by Brain's Base and directed by Masahiko Murata. It was originally slated to premiere in October 2020 but was delayed until April 2021, airing in the spring season lineup. It's proven to be popular among the newest anime, especially the simulcasts. While some critics claim it doesn't have the emotional resonance of the creator's first work, A Silent Voice, it's still been a very popular series with viewers. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, only Crunchyroll has acquired the streaming rights outside of Asia, meaning only premium subscribers can watch To Your Eternity legally.

With only 20 episodes in the first season, it's up in the air whether Ōima will continue To Your Eternity or if it will be a one-off like many other great manga/anime. Once the season is finished airing, physical Blu-ray/DVD copies will likely be available to purchase through Amazon and maybe even Crunchyroll, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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