To Your Eternity: 5 Reasons Why March Is Best Girl

To Your Eternity never ceases to pull on heartstrings, whether it's through introducing lovable characters or watching them pass away. Easily one of the most memorable characters in the series so far is the spunky little girl March, who lights up the screen with her wide grin and youthful charm.

No one brings as much personality to To Your Eternity as March, the three-year-old “mother” to the aimless wanderer protagonist. Fushi isn't even Fushi until he comes across March, who takes the liberty of naming him. The way she teaches him essential lessons and traverses through life is so comical and endearing that she’s the series' best girl. Here are five of March's most endearing qualities of all.

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Mama March Has A Wonderful Imagination

to your eternity march playing mom

From the very first moment March appears in To Your Eternity, she's seen playing house with her dolls and assuming the role of their mother. She also plays the chef, crafting fake food and serving it to her precious plushies. At one point she even imagines herself as the mother and Parona as the father, creating their own little family for the doll children.

However, March’s imagination reaches beyond playtime – she dreams of a future where she can cook, become a mother (to living children), and learn to read and write. She can’t stop envisioning what her life will be like when she’s all grown up, even impatiently asking her parents when she’ll become an adult. Her mother remarks that she’ll have to stop wetting the bed before that happens.

March's Youthful Spirit Is Eternally Uplifting

March is very relatable, never shy about expressing her true feelings. When she’s chosen as the town’s sacrifice to the Spirit Bear, she's openly adamant that she doesn’t want to die. She doesn’t hesitate to run away from those escorting her to the ceremony site when the opportunity arises.

The young rambunctious girl gets excited over every new thing, like eating shaved ice or writing a letter to her parents because she’s homesick. The way she’ll break out into tears as easily as she starts laughing shows how well her character as a child is written. Watching her play and interact with others in her adorable manner brings up all kinds of sentimental childhood memories.

Fruit Monkey March Is Independent And Brave

to your eternity march joaan fruit

Though March is only three years old, there are moments in To Your Eternity when she demonstrates impressive maturity. Instead of running away in terror when Fushi's dead body reanimates right before her eyes, she studies him with intense curiosity and deduces quite quickly that he’s immortal (which prompts the name Fushi).

When she figures out that Fushi is hungry, she easily climbs up a tree like a monkey to grab some fruit for him. The way March takes charge and steps up as a motherly figure reveals how truly capable she is. She’s quite the bold little girl to befriend an immortal, run from her cruel fate as a sacrifice, and put her life on the line to save her big sis.

March Tirelessly Teaches Fushi Manners

to your eternity march joaan eat fruit wolf

In the beginning of To Your Eternity, Fushi lacks the ability to communicate or take care of himself in any way. March secures food for him, but he rudely smacks the fruit onto the ground and eats it like a dog. Affronted by his rudeness, March realizes he must not have been taught any manners.

With her motherly instincts, March quickly decides that she’ll be Fushi’s “mommy,” which means teaching him how to be a human. She does her best to help him learn to eat with his hands and even pushes him to say “thank you” eventually – the immortal's very first words. March even proclaims she’ll teach him how to “go potty” too!

Kindness and Optimism Fill March’s Heart

Though she’s been through a lot, March teems with optimism. For example, when she comes across a postage service, she immediately wants to send a letter to her parents. Even though she doesn’t know how to write, she slams her hand down on the page to convey that “March is doing great!” Her family's address is unknown and they can’t read a written language (or a handprint), but she knows they’ll get it and understand her message.

March’s heart is also filled with compassion for others, as seen by her relationship with Fushi and how she eagerly tended to the wounds on the Spirit Bear’s back (even though it was already dead). When Parona tries to bring back evidence of the bear's passing by cutting off a piece of its body, March wouldn’t have that kind of cruel battery of the dead and insists she leave it alone. Though naive, March is a resoundingly earnest character who breathes so much life into To Your Eternity.

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