Tinder relaunches festival mode for summer 2022

Dating app Tinder is launching a new mode that lets music fans connect and chat before they attend the same festival.

In partnership with one of the world’s biggest promoters Live Nation, Tinder is working with 20 global festivals to help single festival-goers connect with like-minded music fans up to a month before the festival begins.

According to Tinder’s recent survey of 18-to-39-year-old singletons, “75% [agreed] that being able to connect with someone online before meeting in person would ease some of the pressure of making a good first impression.” On top of first impression anxiety, Tinder also claimed: “64% of singles say they enjoy meeting new people while attending live music events, and over three in five (61%) say they’ve become friends, or more, with people they met at a music festival or concert.”

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Of the new mode, Kyle Miller, VP of Product Innovation at Tinder said: “Music is a universal language and the number-one interest among Tinder members worldwide. So many of our members are excited to jump back into in-person events. We wanted to build on that excitement and offer them a head start at meeting someone new ahead of one of the biggest festival seasons in years.”

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