Tiesto, John Summit, Damon Sharpe light up EDC

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas once again rocked fans with a breathtaking lineup, including the performances from stars like Tiesto, John Summit, and Damon Sharpe. These three artists in particular brought something completely unique to the stages, creating unforgettable experiences for the massive crowd gathered under the electric sky.

Legendary DJ Tiesto smashed EDC Las Vegas with his main stage show at the Kinetic Field. This year, Tiesto collaborated with PROPHECY to release the festival's official anthem, “My City,” a track that celebrates the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. His set featured an electrifying mix of house grooves, buoyant basslines, and sharp percussive accents, which kept the crowd dancing late into the night. Tiesto's presence at EDC, having performed at every Las Vegas edition, solidifies his status as a pillar of the festival.

John Summit also delivered a high-energy set at EDC Las Vegas that left fans stunned. Known for his infectious beats and charismatic stage presence, Summit previewed the SHIVER CASSIAN REMIX and dropped it right after returning from EDC, showcasing his knack for blending fresh sounds with crowd-pleasing favorites. His ability to connect with the audience through pulsating rhythms and seamless transitions made his performance a standout moment of the festival.

Finally – Damon Sharpe, the acclaimed DJ and producer, brought an electrifying mix of House, Tech House, and Bass House to the Rynobus Art Car stage at EDC Las Vegas. Sharpe's set took festival-goers on a high-energy sonic journey. As the head of Brainjack Music and a collaborator with top artists like Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande, Sharpe continues to push boundaries with his artistry in the electronic music scene. Reflecting on his EDC experience, Sharpe said, “It felt incredible to be back under the electric sky with all the headliners at EDC, the energy is unmatched, and I cannot wait to come back again next year.”

From Tiesto's epic set to John Summit's new single drop and Damon Sharpe's genre-defying set, EDC Las Vegas 2024 showcased the very best of electronic dance music. The festival's energy and spirit were perfectly embodied by these performances, leaving fans eagerly anticipating next year's event.