Thor: Love and Thunder Artwork Reveals Korg’s Dramatically New Costume

Official artwork for Thor: Love and Thunder provides fans with their best look yet at Korg's new costume in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster.

Posted to Reddit by u/SpeedForce2002, the image seems to be from a licensed notebook bearing a stylized version of the film's characters. While Thor and Jane Foster (as the Mighty Thor) take center stage, Korg can be spotted on the right. The rocky alien is adorned with what appears to be some kind of fur along his shoulders, held in place by two bandoleers that cross over his chest. He's also sporting a massive belt buckle that seemingly takes the shape of a ram's head.

New officially licensed art for Thor: Love and Thunder. from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

The actual artwork appears to be drawn in a style that imitates classic Marvel comic books. A corner box can be seen in the top left corner, showing off two Asgardian goats. While the inclusion of the animals may seem bizarre, previously announced merchandise for Thor: Love and Thunder teased that the livestock may play a significant role in the movie. A LEGO set dedicated to the film recreates a vessel named "The Goat Boat" which is seemingly able to travel via the Bifrost.

Korg isn't the only Thor character that's received an update to his costume. Recently unveiled action figures unveiled an entirely new casual look for the titular God of Thunder. So-called "Ravager Thor" ditches the Asgardian armor fans are accustomed to and instead adopts a white shirt and a red vest, worn over a pair of blue jeans. Several other characters, including Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord and Groot, who are confirmed to appear in Love and Thunder. have also earned slight redesigns.

Despite its looming July launch date, Marvel Studios has yet to release the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. The film recently set an unpopular MCU record by being the production that has the shortest amount of time between the first trailer and the theatrical release.

Speaking about the prolonged wait, director Taika Waititi, who also voices Korg in the MCU, teased that the film has not yet been completed. "It's still not finished," said Waititi. "It comes out in July, so probably the end of June. Probably like a day before the premiere. That's how we do it."

Thor: Love and Thunder crashes into theaters on July 8.

Source: Reddit

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