This Attack on Titan Collab Is Bizarrely Perfect for Levi Lovers

Attack on Titan has continued to its long streak of widespread popularity even beyond the ending of its manga. Even more ubiquitous than the series itself is its massive marketing machine, which has spun the series off into a variety of parody series, video games, action figures and merchandise oddities. But a recently revealed product might be the peak of Attack on Titan's iconic brand synergy.

The vacuum cleaner lineRoborock is releasing a robotic vacuum branded with fan-favorite Scout Levi Ackerman, all decked out in his signature cleaning gear. Levi's deathly serious about cleaning, making him the perfect fit for the starring role on a vacuum cleaner. This isn't the first weird example of real-life and Attack on Titan working in harmony, but it may just be the cleanest.

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Levi Ackerman Is a Master of Cleanliness

Attack on Titan Eren and Levi Cleaning with Crew Feature

Levi Ackerman is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan, and despite the serious and apocalyptic nature of the show, he's notorious for being a total neat freak. This comes from his disgust at the unhygienic and filthy conditions of the camps that Levi and the other humans live in.

This sees him many times donning a stereotypical cleaning outfit, which itself has become the stuff of memes. Levi himself is one of the most unflinchingly serious characters in the series, which is itself consistently dark. This personality quirk is at odds with pretty much everything about and around him, culminating in one of the strangest pieces of anime merchandise in recent years. And yet it works perfectly for the character.

Attack on Titan Vacuum Cleaner?

Roborock, a line of Roomba-esque robot vacuums tied to Chinese company Xiaomi, has released a special version of their Roborock S6 Pure Vacuum Cleaner. These pricey yet versatile vacuums have a host of options and features that justify their price point, from path mapping and a long-lasting battery to Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Their new Attack on Titan-themed vacuum takes things even further, however, putting a sense of adventure back into housekeeping. This version of the S6 is officially licensed, bearing both the franchise logo and two pictures of Levi on top, one of which is Levi in his infamous cleaning clothes.

The vacuum also has soundbites of Levi's dialogue supplied by his Japanese voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya. This takes what seems like a mere skin for the vacuum and elevates it to fully embodying the franchise that it represents. It's also perfect for Levi himself, who again can't stand a filthy abode. This isn't the first time that an anime has had such strange licensed merchandise, and it definitely won't be the last. Unfortunately, it's unknown if the product will release outside of Japan, meaning that non-Japanese fans will have to keep cleaning without the help of their favorite Scout.

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