The X-Men are Looking for a New Leader – And it Could Set Off a Quiet Council Civil War

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Immortal X-Men #1, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

Since the formation of the mutant nation Krakoa, the Quiet Council has been largely uncontested in their position as the governing body of the country. But recent events have thrown that stability into question, especially as the council considers the addition of a new member to their ranks.

Immortal X-Men #1 (by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, David Curiel, and VC's Clayton Cowles) features a massive debate over the future of the Quiet Council that could be seen as a portent of the mutant nation's ruling body running into serious internal conflict.

In the aftermath of Inferno and the revelations that have been exposed as a result, Magneto has elected to voluntarily step down from the Quiet Council. However, due to his recent actions, Emma Frost is able to prevent Magneto from being allowed to name a successor. Instead, the ruling body interviews a number of potential candidates including Abigail Brand, Beast, Sunspot, Gorgon, Monet, and Angel. Other candidates are also considered, but both Cypher and Namor refused to take the position, and Legion's past instability was enough to keep Xavier from agreeing to Nightcrawler's proposal to recruit him.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to either Selene or Hope. The villainous Selene has been a major threat to the X-Men over the years. However, she's not wrong when she notes that the Quiet Council has been bereft of magical expertise since the departure of Apocalypse. But Hope makes a valid point as well when she notes that the Five deserve a voice on the Quiet Council, and that the overwhelming popularity of the Five means their refusal of her request will likely damage their standing among the general population. Ultimately, the Council votes for Hope, enraging Selene.

Although the repercussions of this decision are felt instantly when Selene raises the External Gate up as a mystical threat to the nation, even worse divisions could be on the way. Immortal X-Men largely focuses on Mister Sinister and his attempts to manipulate the council, noting that he's well aware of Colossus being a sleeper agent for Mikhail as well as other secrets surrounding the governing body. The sly villain is also privy to a number of divisions cropping up around Krakoa. Some mutants, such as Nightcrawler and Kate Pryde, have expressed concern about the activities of people like Beast and Abigail Brand, while others, like Emma Frost and Destiny, have their own private agendas.

The X-Men have thus far managed to avoid internal conflict with their former enemies who have established residency on Krakoa. The dream of a mutant-driven future has been a wonderful rallying cry for all involved. But it also seems that the events of Inferno have formally splintered the Quiet Council. Even beyond Selene's actions and the Five's concerns about the Quiet Council, there is also the secret alliance between X-Factor and the New Mutants to consider, as well as X-Force's willingness to carry out sensitive missions on their own authority. It appears to only be a matter of time before the Quiet Council finally implodes upon itself - and Krakoa might not be strong enough to survive the fallout.

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