The Top 5 Fusions in Dragon Ball, Ranked by Coolness

Fusion is one of the most beloved concepts in all of Dragon Ball. The idea of two fighters merging and combining their strengths -- whether through the Potara earrings or the Metamoran Fusion Dance -- has sparked fans' imaginations for decades.

Whether it's the result of two conflicting personalities forming a new one, or all the new combination techniques that come as a result, fusion is an absolutely tantalizing concept. Here, we'll be ranking the top five fused characters based on perhaps the most important factor a Dragon Ball character can have -- their coolness.

5. Gotenks (Goten and Trunks Fusion)

The fusion of Goten and Trunks coming last does not reflect badly on the character. A highlight of Dragon Ball Z's Buu Saga, it's clear Akira Toriyama has a lot of fun re-indulging in the gag manga sensibilities that put him on the map with Dr. Slump. Gotenks is one of the funniest characters in the entire series, and every panel of the manga or anime frame he features in is a delight.

But he's certainly not the coolest, as the story constantly reminds us. His battle against Super Buu sees him fail to keep up his aloof front as things go increasingly wrong for him, and his moves (with ridiculous names such as "Die Die Missile Barrage" and "Super Ghost Kamekaze Attack") are parodies of how absurd Dragon Ball had gotten up to this point. Gotenks is a joy to behold, but as an intentional self-satire, it's hard to argue that he's the coolest fusion.

4. Merged Zamasu (Goku Black and Future Zamasu Fusion)

Like Gotenks, Dragon Ball Super's Zamasu isn't really meant to be cool. He's a fantastic villain because he's a whining, preening narcissist with severe delusions of grandeur, who justifies his multiversal sadism with a twisted sense of divine justice. As the story presents him, Zamasu is a deeply pitiful figure.

And yet his Merged Zamasu form -- the fusion of the immortal Future Zamasu and Goku Black -- presents some of the most striking imagery in all of Dragon Ball. Merged Zamasu's pristine, seraphic design, accompanied by an omnipresent white halo, sell him as the vengeful deity he claims to be. With terrifying techniques such as Absolute Lightning and Blades of Judgement, Merged Zamasu leaves an intense impression during his debut -- until he loses his composure in the very next episode and goes right back to being a ranting, raving egomaniac. Oh well. He was cool while he lasted.

3. Kefla (Caulifla and Kale Fusion)

One of the big missed opportunities in Dragon Ball Z was the distinct lack of any female Super Saiyans, so when Super finally addressed this, it did so with a bang. Not only did it give us two female Super Saiyans at once -- Universe 6's delinquent duo Caulifla and Kale -- but it also provided their fused form, Kefla, who provides one of the best fights in all of Super.

2. Vegito (Goku and Vegeta Fusion)

In some ways, Vegito is the coolest fusion of them all. He boasts the best design of the bunch, with an outfit that combines Goku and Vegeta's getups to create something equally familiar and fresh. Vegito exudes an effortless, laid-back persona, and his signature Spirit Sword is a blade made of concentrated ki. It doesn't get any cooler than that.

So it's a shame his reputation nowadays comes down to being the other Goku/Vegeta fusion. Perhaps it's due to his lack of victories, but Vegito is simply less talked about than his Metamoran counterpart. Maybe he was always destined to exist in the shadow of Gogeta -- Toriyama originally intended for Goku and Vegeta to fuse via the dance during the Buu Saga's climax, but when Toei beat him to the punch with Fusion Reborn, he changed tack. At least Vegito has cool earrings; Gogeta can never take that away from him.

1. Gogeta (The Cooler Goku and Vegeta Fusion)

No other Dragon Ball character has had the red carpet rolled out for them as much as Gogeta. Fusion Reborn pitches itself as The Gogeta Movie, despite his screentime being two minutes at most. He appeared for a single episode of Dragon Ball GT, yet his Super Saiyan 4 incarnation is often marketed as the face of the entire show. Gogeta's coolness is just that all-encompassing.

In 2018, he would finally get the screentime his reputation suggested with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Anyone who got to experience the movie in theaters can appreciate the sheer magnitude of watching Gogeta fully unleashed on the big screen, courtesy of animators Naotoshi Shida and Yuki Hayashi. The fused warrior's battle against Broly is the highlight of a film brimming with highlights, and earns him the number one spot by default. Add in his previous appearances, and it's no contest. Gogeta simply is coolness incarnate.

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