The Seven Deadly Sins: Everything to Know About the Four Knights Spinoff

The Seven Deadly Sins, following the adventures of the demon hero Meliodas and his band of outcast knights, has recently concluded, but although Britannia has found peace once again, the world of The Seven Deadly Sins lives on in the new sequel series: Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

This new manga series, also by the original Sins mangaka Nabaka Suzuki, features the same lovable art style and the world of Britannia, but through a fresh set of eyes. The new hero is a boy named Percival, and he is quite unlike the world-weary Meliodas, though, like him, he carries a power untold.

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The Story Of The Four Knights So Far

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The hero of the story, the 16-year-old Percival, is no ordinary boy. Like Meliodas before him, Percival is more than he seems, and he has quite a pedigree. His father and grandfather were both Holy Knights in their day, but Percival shows no interest in following their footsteps. He enjoys an idyllic, isolated life on the God's Finger, a small landmass that towers over Britannia itself. He has only himself and his beloved grandfather for company, but Percival's quest is thrust upon him when a Holy Knight suddenly appears and kills his grandfather.

Percival, understandably unable to forgive what this knight has done, prepares to travel far and wide across Britannia to track them down by any means necessary. But Percival knows nothing about Britannia and its people and has precious few leads on his grandpa's killer. In some ways, Percival is like Dragon Ball-era Son Goku: a kind-hearted stranger stumbling into a big, strange new world. And, what's more, Percival himself is dangerous -- he might just be one of the prophecied Four Knights of the Apocalypse. If his apocalyptic powers are awakened, only time will tell how Percival will -- or won't -- control them.

Reading Four Knights Of The Apocalypse & Seven Deadly Sins Manga

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The first few chapters of The Four Knights of the Apocalpyse are available to read online through a few different sources: Crunchyroll's manga section, ComiXology, Bookwalker and Amazon through the Kindle format. The series is ongoing with new chapters released same-day-as-Japan, so fans should check back every week to make sure they don't miss anything.

Fans of the original Seven Deadly Sins can find digital and print editions of the manga from many retailers, like Kodansha Comics' website for the digital edition, which includes a portal for Amazon Kindle, ComiXiology, Nook and more. The print edition can be found at the Barnes & Noble online catalog and

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