The Seven Deadly Sins: Elizabeth Is Anime Princess Zelda

It's a story about a goddess who reincarnates over and over in tumultuous times. Is it The Seven Deadly Sins or The Legend of Zelda? Both, actually. The franchises were created decades apart, but they have some similarities -- mainly their female protagonists. Both Elizabeth and Zelda are the mortal reincarnation of goddesses, Elizabeth sharing the same name as her original form, and Zelda being the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia. They surprisingly have a lot in common.

Elizabeth was originally the daughter of the Supreme Deity, leader of the Goddess Clan. She met and fell in love with the Demon King's son Meliodas over 3,000 years prior to the main story's timeline. During the Holy War, the two of them betrayed their clans and fought against their parents, but lost. As punishment, the Demon King cursed Elizabeth with reincarnation, while the Supreme Deity cursed Meliodas with immortality.

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Elizabeth was doomed to forget every time she was reborn, never remembering her lost love. The Elizabeth we meet in the main timeline is the 107th incarnation of the original Elizabeth. Meliodas watches over her various forms, even though she never remembers him.

Hylia was the protector of the world and the Triforce after the Three Golden Goddesses created the world. She watched over the humans and fought against the Demon King Demise and his army of demons. To protect the Hylians, Hylia gathered them onto an island in the sky, Skyloft. She had sealed Demise away but knew the seal would one day be broken. Because the Triforce could not be used by deities, Hylia chose to be reborn as a mortal so that she would be able to use it to protect Hyrule again. After her passing, she was reborn as Zelda of Skyloft.

While most of her incarnations are princesses, there are a few exceptions, like the aforementioned Skyloft Zelda, who is the daughter of a school Headmaster. She and Link are both reincarnated when Hyrule needs protection from evil. The name Zelda is also passed down through the Hyrule Royal Family, though it appears to be a name given to any young woman who is a reincarnation of Hylia, regardless of social standing. Link is similar in that many young boys and men have appeared bearing the name when evil comes calling.

While they have different origin stories, the two goddesses live similar lives in that they are destined to meet a male hero in each incarnation, though in the case of Zelda and Link, they never remember who they really are, while Meliodas remembers everything that Elizabeth doesn't. Elizabeth was cursed to die and forget her lover because of her betrayal against her mother and clan, while Hylia chose to be reincarnated in order to better protect the people of Hyrule, along with her sword-swinging counterpart, Link.

Both goddesses did what they thought was right, and one was punished for it, while the other took matters into her own hands. They are both worthy of their titles as goddesses.

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