The Seven Deadly Sins’ Diane Vs. Attack on Titan’s Armored Titan – Which Giant Wins?

In the hit action series Attack on Titan, massive humanoid Titans define the combat system. While most of them are mindless monsters of sheer carnage, the Nine Titan Shifters are in a league of their own, and each has a unique ability or talent in battle. The Marleyan warrior Reiner Braun wields the Armored Titan, and his endurance gives him the edge in battle.

Meanwhile, The Seven Deadly Sins also has a race of titans, the Giant Clan on the reclusive island of Megadozer. These people are deeply attuned to the earth and can manipulate it, such as Diane of the Seven Deadly Sins. If Diane challenged Reiner's Armored Titan to a battle, both would undoubtedly give their all. But who would win?

What Attack on Titan's Reiner Braun Can Do With His Armored Titan

True to its name, the Armored Titan relies mainly on its formidable defenses in battle to outlast its opponents. Its sole wielder in the Attack on Titan anime is the tragic Reiner Braun, who is quite comfortable with the applications of this power. The Armored Titan is a 15-meter Titan, making it the same height as Eren Yeager's Attack Titan. It has the physique of a well-built man with short hair and a rather heavy jaw. Offensively, the Attack Titan has limited options, mainly its ability to form ultra-hard crystals on its hands and feet to form hard claws, which is useful for slashing and grasping enemies, or even sheer walls.

The Armored Titan's body has a few more tricks to it, though, such as the user's ability to shed some of its armor to boost the Titan's mobility -- at the cost of protection, to an extent. Reiner has sometimes shed armor at strategic points on his body in Attack on Titan to maximize his running speed, though he must take care that his opponents don't exploit these vulnerabilities. Like other Titans, Reiner's Armored Titan can also regenerate its wounded flesh, unless the nape of the neck is attacked and Reiner himself is harmed. Thunder spears are the best weapons for the job, though not everyone has access to them.

On offense, Reiner can use not only his crystal claws but also brute-force charge attacks that can break down walls or crush the enemy. Reiner can punch and kick, but his Titan's weight also makes grappling attacks effective, dragging the enemy down to his level. He did this once to Eren's Attack Titan, preventing it from moving.

What Diane Of The Seven Deadly Sins Can Do as a Giant

Diane frowns

The Seven Deadly Sins' Diane is a natural-born Giant, which means she has a natural affinity for the earth. In fact, she is particularly talented with the earth, to the point that others have noted that one day, with enough training and resolve, Diane could become the strongest of the Giants and rule Megadozer, though Diane is personally much more interested in peace than domination. She is a gentle giant in every sense, but if an enemy threatens what she holds dear, she won't hesitate to fight.

Diane has moderate agility and speed for her size, but her physical strength and endurance are her best bet. Many times in The Seven Deadly Sins, Diane has endured incredible punishment on the battlefield and kept fighting. In terms of offense, she can punch clean through meteors and vast quantities of stone with ease. Diane can use melee attacks, but she primarily relies on her Sacred Treasure, the giant war hammer Gideon, which enhances her earth manipulation abilities (Creation).

Diane can also reshape earth, stone and sand around her for offense and defense, such as the Sand Whirl ability, trapping her foes in a vortex of sand. Additionally, she can smash an entire town apart with her hammer when using the Mother Catastrophe technique, while the Ground Gladius move creates massive spikes of earth to impale the enemy. Diane also has a variety of blunt earth-based moves to strike or trap her foe as well, many of them taking the form of fists. Crazy Rush is just one example of that.

Reiner's Armored Titan Vs. Diane The Giant - Who Wins?

In an Attack on Titan/The Seven Deadly Sins crossover smackdown, Reiner would probably start by charging directly at Diane, dealing maximum damage to begin the fight, while Diane's earth-based counterattacks will have little effect. Her greatest power moves, such as Crazy Rush and Rush Rock, wouldn't be able to penetrate or break Reiner's armor, so Diane would have to move out of the way to avoid getting demolished with Reiner's charge attack. Not even swinging Gideon at Reiner would do any good, either. The Sacred Weapon would simply bounce off of Reiner's armor.

Running out of options, Diane could resort to the other tricks up her sleeve. If she evaded Reiner's follow-up attacks while figuring out her opponent's weakness, she might realize that Reiner's moves are based on toughness and the sheer momentum of his charge attacks. Diane therefore could use her Sand Whirl move to trap Reiner in a massive maelstrom of sand, sinking all the way to his neck. Reiner wouldn't be able to break free of this, allowing Diane to claim victory, pacifying her opponent without shedding serious blood. Reiner would have no choice but to acknowledge defeat.

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