The Rising of the Shield Hero: What To Expect From Season 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero fans have been anticipating a new season of the anime for a while, and the wait is just about over. The show has no scheduled premiere date yet but it is anticipated to air in 2021.

The second season will showcase new characters and give the viewers more opportunities to cheer on Naofumi and his team -- Raphtalia, Filo, and others -- who will be going on a new adventure outside of the kingdom they know in this coming season. With all that in mind, here’s a refresher on everything viewers should keep in mind heading into The Rising of the Shield Hero, Season 2, and what to expect from it.

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Season 2 Will Explore the Rest of the Realm

The kingdom in which Naofumi and the rest of the heroes were transported to selfishly kept the existence of the rest of the realm a secret from them. Evidently, other countries are also dealing with The Waves of Calamity and potentially have yet to receive aid from any heroes. The end of Season 1 made note of Naofumi’s decision to leave the country that made his life a living hell. Thankfully, the Queen has taken her place and with the Church overthrown, the country can only get better, so this feels like a good time for the heroes to help out elsewhere.

The prospect of seeing other nations is exciting as we’ll be able to get an idea of the political structures, culture and societies that exist in parallel to that of the one we’ve seen in Season 1. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see other nations’ perspectives on the heroes since they haven't had the chance to aid others this entire time.

The Waves Will Still Be a Major Plot Point In Season 2


The Waves are still the main issue plaguing those within the heroes’ world. We’ve seen from Glass, and from other characters, that this is an issue that persists everywhere so it’ll be interesting to see how other heroes and other countries have been dealing with them.

Also, the opportunity to see new characters that may potentially team up with Naofumi’s team is there, too, since Glass found Naofumi to be formidable. Ultimately, how The Waves are dealt with will continue to be the main issue at hand for everyone.

Fans Should Expect New Power-Ups

New places means new enemies and allies to spar with, and therefore new opportunities to power up! Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo made significant strides in Season 1. Filo had the assistance of Fitoria, Queen of the Filolials, and found out a little bit more about herself. Raphtalia constantly worked on new techniques and upgraded her gear. She also had her character developed by confronting her past, which only motivated her even more. Naofumi powered up through a combination of the Curse Series and his own persistence to level-up, but now it’s time for him to continue doing so in a healthier manner. Naturally, we’ll continue to watch this trio excel even further in the coming season but it’ll be interesting to see how side characters, too, fare against the upcoming challenges.

While the premiere date is unclear as of yet, what is clear from the trailer is that The Rising of the Shield Hero will be back with an incredible music score, challenging adventures, heartwarming moments and a lot of character development.

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