The Remarried Empress: What to Expect From Season 2 on Webtoon

Listed as one of the most popular Webtoon comics on the website with over 2 million subscribers and almost 200 million views, Season 2 of The Remarried Empress has finally arrived. Based on a novel by Alphatart with the same name, it centers around Navier Ellie Trovi, the former empress of the Eastern Empire. Her role as empress has been something she has worked for since she was a child, and she is regarded regal and perfect in every way by her people. The Empire was at peace until Emperor Sovieshu brought home a mistress one day. His annoying new concubine, Rashta, is a commoner with a shady past which makes her painfully out of place within high society.

In the first episode, a divorce scene between the Emperor and Empress is shown without context, and  Navier requested an immediate remarriage as soon as she accepts Emperor Sovieshu's divorce. When questioned, an unnamed handsome royal is seen making a grand entrance and the story proceeded to jump back to the beginning to fill in what's missing.

Where the Story Left Off

In the final episodes of Season 1, readers finally witnessed the divorce scene again with full context. Now viewers knew that the unknown royal is King Heinrey of the Western Kingdom, who had been courting Navier through letters disguised as a bird and comforted her in secret as she dealt with her now ex-husband Emperor Sovieshu and his conniving concubine. Sovieshu is outraged after witnessing Navier and Heinrey's court remarriage and he prevented Navier from going back to the Western Kingdom with King Heinrey. Duke Ergi, Heinrey's childhood friend who has secret alliances with almost all of the main characters, had a change of heart and helped sneak Navier into a carriage to the Western Kingdom with King Heinrey. The chapter ended with the newly appointed King and Queen arriving at their castle in the Western Kingdom, much to the bewilderment and shock of its citizens.

New Beginnings

Season 2's first episode showed the new Queen and King of the Western Kingdom adjusting to their new life together. Navier had a hard time adjusting as she meets the previous Queen Krista and sees that the people of the Western Kingdom preferred her. Navier has always been someone who cared about what her people thought of her, so she struggled to hear that her new people thought she was arrogant and cold due to her reputation as the Eastern Empress.

Nonetheless, King Heinrey did his best to make her smile, something that Sovieshu hadn't done since they were children. Heinrey assured Navier that he will help the best that he can to make the people love her too, but she told him that this is something she must do alone. The second chapter revealed Heinrey's plans of declaring himself Emperor and changing the Western Kingdom into an official Empire. It is also revealed that he has the power to restore and take away mana and could be the one responsible for the diminishing number of mages in the Eastern Empire's military.

As Season 2 unfolds, readers can expect the fruits of Heinrey's supposed "plan" and either the rise or downfall of Queen Navier. One can also expect much more gossip, manipulation, and royal drama to ensure. War may even break out between the Eastern Empire and the Western Kingdom. But what about Rashta?

Rashta's Fate

As for Rashta, who is often referred to affectionately as Trashta, her dreams of becoming Empress are about to come true. Readers can expect her incompetent rise to the throne and eventual downfall. After all, that is what Emperor Sovieshu intended. In order to legitimize their child together, he must make Lady Rashta his Empress. Empress Sovieshu calculates that after a year of her rule, his people will miss Navier due to Rashta's incompetence and will eventually demand her back as Empress, which is what Sovieshu secretly wants.

His desperation for an heir is due to the fact that he accidentally fed Navier cookies for abotion-inducement when they were children, and as a result, he believes she is infertile. Rashta seems to be a disposable pawn in Emperor Sovieshu's long game. Viewers can expect things to go sour for Rashta, if not immediately, then towards the end of the new season. Not to mention, her illegitimate child with the son of her former slave master and how she spent all of Season 1 being blackmailed into financially providing for them will surely add fuel to the fire.

Season 2 of The Remarried Empress can be viewed on Webtoon, with new chapters released every Sunday.

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