The Quarry Gives You the Ability to Turn the Game Into a Horror Movie

The Quarry, the latest horror game from Supermassive Games, will provide the studio's trademark interactive horror movie setup for those who want it -- but it will also allow less excitable players to strike the word "interactive" from the design entirely.

According to Eurogamer, The Quarry will launch with a supplementary mode called "Movie Mode," which will allow players to sit back and watch the drama unfold without pressing a single button. In the default mode, The Quarry will play out similarly to Supermassive's other titles, like Until Dawn and the upcoming The Devil In Me. Players make choices over the course of the game which influence certain events throughout the story and, ultimately, which characters live and which meet a less pleasant fate. In Movie Mode, the events of the game play out as a straightforward slasher flick.

Because Supermassive's games are so inherently interactive, The Quarry's Movie Mode comes with three different subsets: Everybody Lives, Everybody Dies and Director's Chair. Everybody Lives plays out in such a way that every killable character in the game survives, while Everybody Dies does the opposite, killing everyone who can be killed. Director's Chair is a bit more complicated, allowing the player to customize each character's personality and proclivities, nudging their fate in one direction or another.

When players get the chance to decide who lives and dies, they'll pick between characters from the surprisingly star-studded cast of The Quarry. Horror legends like Scream's David Arquette, The Evil Dead's Ted Raimi and Lance Henriksen (who has too many credits to pick just one) join a diverse cast that includes Brenda Song, Justice Smith, Ariel Winter, Halston Sage, Siobhan Williams, Skylar Gisondo, Evan Evagora, Miles Robbins, Zack Tinker, Lin Sage, Grace Zabriskie and Ethan Suplee.

While players will be able to see two of the game's endings fairly easily, with the aforementioned Everybody Lives and Everybody Dies options, true completionists will have to either spend quite a while in the Director's Chair or actually play the game. Each ending reportedly provides the player with "cards" that outline the ultimate fates of each character, and with more than 180 cards in all, those fates will likely go a bit deeper than life or death.

Horror enthusiasts can play (or watch) The Quarry when it releases on PlayStation 4 and 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on June 10th.

Source: Eurogamer

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