The Justice League Has Been Murdered, and [SPOILER] Is the Sole Survivor

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #75, on sale now from DC. Earlier this year, DC announced the death of the Justice League, claiming nine of the team's members would die in a deadly battle in issue #75 of their eponymous book. This left some question as to just which Justice Leaguer would survive the encounter. Now, Justice League #75 -- by writer Joshua Williamson, penciler Rafa Sandoval, inker Jordi Taragona, colorist Matt Herms and letterer Josh Reed -- has killed the titular team and revealed Black Adam as the massacre's sole survivor.

At the start of Justice League #75, the team's various members find themselves transported to a meeting at a badly damaged House of Heroes with Calvin Ellis/President Superman and Maya Chamara/Doctor Multiverse. They reveal the Justice League Incarnate has failed to protect the multiverse. Soon, the Great Darkness breaches the House of Heroes, and Doctor Multiverse transports them to a dead multiverse, where Pariah reveals himself. A battle soon ensues between Pariah, who summons a number of deadly villains, and the various heroes.

Eventually, the battle turns against the Justice League, and Pariah destroys many of them. Black Adam, though, takes Pariah on himself and both of them end up knocked out. At the close of the issue, the Justice League's younger counterparts discover Black Adam knocked out in the Hall of Justice. "The Justice League are dead," Black Adam says.

At this time, it's not clear just when the classic members of the Justice League will return to action. However, Justice League #75 makes pretty clear they're dead. The only question is the fate of Black Canary. In her last panel of the issue, she's over top of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow's body. It's entirely possible she's still alive, but trapped in the dead multiverse.

The events of Justice League #75 lead into DC's Dark Crisis event. Variant covers for Dark Crisis #1 already confirmed just which heroes will be taking over for the Justice League following the group's death. That event will see the new Justice League bringing together the DC Universe's heroes to take on Pariah and the Great Darkness. However, not everyone will be willing to join the fight.

Justice League #75 is available now from DC. The issue features a main cover from Daniel Sampere and Alejandro Sánchez, as well as variants by Alex Maleev; Dan Jurgens; Norm Rapmund and Alex Sinclair; Mikel Janín; Simone Di Meo; Tony Harris; and Tod Nauck and Matt Herms. Dark Crisis #1 releases June 7.

Source: DC

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