The Irregular at Magic High School: Season 2’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2, now streaming on Funimation.

Season 2 of The Irregular at Magic High School further fleshed out Tatsuya and Miyuki's story and revealed magicians' tenuous relationship to their overall society. Although there was still plenty of action within Magic High School -- not least the addition of USNA transfer student Angelina Kudou Shields to the cast -- the larger focus was on battles with international consequences and an imminent threat to all humans.

There was a domestic terrorist plot, murderous supernatural parasites and growing anti-magician sentiment, all while Tatsuya repeatedly evaded capture by USNA military agents. Season 2 was full of twists and turns while growing in size and scope to leave some tantalizing cliffhangers. Here are a few of the most burning unanswered questions still after the season finale.

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 Will The New Breed Front's Message Live On?

The terrorist plot to blow up the newly built Tokyo Offshore Tower was dealt with quickly enough thanks to Tatsuya's superhuman efforts, but their core message may still resonate with some magicians. Their reason for taking over the Tower was to speak directly to a large gathering of influential magicians, claiming that magicians have been treated like slaves for too long and deserve more freedom.

Their argument certainly has truth to it. Tatsuya has not had complete free will over his life choices ever since his now-deceased mother performed an experimental magic spell on him as a boy. His only remaining desire is to protect his sister Miyuki at all costs. On a broader scale, magician child labor is common within the Yotsuba family and most magicians are viewed as weapons to be used for the military. Tatsuya is already an agent of the 101st Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion and is constantly relied on for dangerous, life-threatening missions. Will magicians ever fight for more rights or will the New Breed Front's message be swept under the rug?

Much of Season 2 focused on Tatsuya and his comrades' battles against a group of supernatural parasites who were taking over magicians' bodies and killing regular humans in the process. These events also fed into a growing anti-magician narrative within the media and the general public, all of it carefully executed by the mysterious Gide Hague. The parasites were brought to Japan to cause widespread chaos so Hague could rebuild his Japanese spy network behind the scenes.

Hague is one of the Seven Sages -- the only people in the world with access to a global monitoring system called Echelon III. He's also the supreme leader of terrorist organization Blanche, whose Japan branch was largely destroyed by Tatsuya in Season 1. His long-term goal is to have all magicians wiped out, leaving Hague himself to take over the world via military means.

The parasites' destruction has fueled human anger at magicians, leading many to question whether they are too dangerous to remain part of society. Magicians have great power, but their population is small compared to regular humans. The last thing they can afford is a full-scale war, but the magical world is split into many secretive, often self-serving families and national alliances. If necessary, could they come together before Hague's horrific plan takes full effect?

Will Miyuki Follow Her Head Or Heart?

On the home front, Season 2 saw Miyuki finally admit to the series' worst-kept secret: her romantic feelings for Tatsuya. Aside from the obvious moral quandary of sibling romance, Miyuki's future was seemingly decided long ago. She is the favorite to one day succeed her Aunt Maya as the head of the powerful and highly influential Yotsuba clan. Though Miyuki is among the world's most powerful magicians and can be just as ruthless as Tatsuya to her adversaries, she's also a more typical teenager than Tatsuya.

The day will come when she must decide whether to tell Tatsuya how she feels or stay silent. Even if she does tell him, is it realistically possible to have the romance she desires with the societal obstacles and her Yotsuba family obligations? And if Maya's plans for Miyuki should ever infringe on her safety and happiness, would Tatsuya clash with his own family members?

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