The Irregular at Magic High School: How Season 2 Sets Up a Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2, now streaming on Funimation.

The six-year wait for Season 2 of The Irregular at Magic High School finally came to an end in 2020. Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba and their friends battled murderous supernatural parasites and a magician supremacist group, all amidst growing public debate about magicians' place in society. Angelina Kudou Shields -- a.k.a. Strategic-Class magician Angie Sirius and Commander of the USNA army's elite "Stars" unit -- traveled to Japan on a mission that led to multiple conflicts with Tatsuya and Miyuki.

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Along with an expanding cast, the plot also grew in size and scope. The mysterious Seven Sages -- a secretive group of magicians who have exclusive access to information on the entire world's population -- have at least one rogue member. The mysterious Gide Hague was revealed as the one behind the parasites' arrival and is pushing the media's anti-magician narrative. Season 2 continued expanding the story's scale while setting up several intriguing plot points for Season 3.

Two Parasites Remain In Powerful Hands

When a group of supernatural parasites emerged in the USNA -- using magician soldiers as host bodies and fueling their darkest desires for more power -- they deserted the military and escaped to Japan. In their attempts at breeding and self-preservation, the parasites killed many humans and magicians whose bodies couldn't handle their presence. Tatsuya, Miyuki and their comrades combined their abilities to defeat most of their otherworldly foes -- but two are still alive and now in possession of two of the world's most powerful magicians.

The elderly Retsu Kudou, one of the most influential figures in modern magic history, appears near the battle scene to take a sealed-away parasite for his own research. The other is taken by Ayako Kuroba, part of the mysterious and dangerous Yotsuba Clan. The Yotsuba -- one of the Ten Master Clans and the family to whom Tatsuya and Miyuki secretly belong -- are always looking to increase their power and influence in the world. Should they figure out how to control and breed parasites for their own goals, the consequences could be far-reaching.

The World Faces Growing Anti-Magician Sentiment

Season 2, Episode 9 revealed that the parasites' appearance in the world was perpetrated by Gide Hague, one of the Seven Sages as well as the man driving the media's growing anti-magician narrative across society. Hague's goal, revealed by a fellow Sage named Raymond in the USNA, is to create chaos and rebuild the Blanche terrorist organization's Japan branch -- which was largely destroyed by Tatsuya in Season 1.

Both overarching conflicts of Season 2 -- the parasite murders and the rise of the New Breed Front terrorists -- have aided a shifting public opinion all over the world: that magicians may be too dangerous to remain a part of modern society. Hague's plan is to drive humans' fear and anger toward magicians and have them wiped out, after which he can swoop in and unite the world under his own rule. This mutual animosity, driven by the media, is slowly enveloping multiple nations. Magicians all over may have to come together for the greater good, a scenario that would likely see Lina return to the fold.

Season 3 Will Bring Conflicts on the Home Front

In what's been The Irregular at Magic High School's worst kept secret, Miyuki has finally admitted -- internally -- to having romantic feelings for Tatsuya. Along with the obvious complications and moral boundaries of sibling romance, Miyuki is also the top candidate to succeed her Aunt Maya as the head of the Yotsuba Family. As perhaps the most powerful of the Ten Master Clans and heavily influential in the Japanese government, Miyuki is fast approaching a crossroads. She will have to decide whether to follow her heart or shelve her feelings and commit to her familial and societal duties for the long-term future.

The Season 2 finale added another potential twist, with Miyuki receiving a new personal assistant named Minami Sakurai. Maya has instructed her to live with Tatsuya and Miyuki full-time. Minami got along with the siblings well enough when they worked together at the Tokyo Offshore Tower, but Maya's actions usually include a hidden agenda. Perhaps she just wants to keep a closer eye on the siblings, or maybe Tatsuya is growing too powerful for her liking. But Tatsuya prizes Miyuki's safety and happiness above all else, and the day may come when his goal and Maya's plans for the Yotsuba clash.

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