The Idhun Chronicles: Season 2’s Shocking Finale, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Idhun Chronicles, available on Netflix.

Season 2 of Netflix's The Idhun Chronicles really drops the curtain on Ashran's real plan for Idhun and exactly who's left to fight him. We initially thought that Jack, Alsan and Vic were the only ones left after Shail got killed by Kirtash last season, but it's revealed that there are more rebels than first thought.

Unfortunately, despite loving Vic, Ashran (revealed to be Kirtash's father) brainwashes Kirtash again so he can bring Vic in to power their dark tower in Idhun. This leads to an explosive finale with both a major defection and an air of hope built that Idhun could be freed someday.

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Kirtash Betrays the Necromancer

Ashran is using Vic as a conduit to draw the magic through the land and into his tower. It went latent after the last unicorn and dragon were hidden away from the Necromancer, but Vic's the battery he needs as she activates Idhun. Luckily, Kirtash breaks out his mind control and lets a mage in, revealed to be Shail.

Shail's brought some Idhun rebels with him and as war breaks out, they liberate Vic and Kirtash sends them back to Limbhad using his portal abilities. He's left to battle a pissed-off Ashran, though, and it seems like he'll be killed as his power set is nowhere near ready for his father's.

The Truth About the Dyad

When they get back to Limbhad, Shail and Vic's grandma, a fairy in disguise, drop massive revelations about when Shail and Alsan stole the creatures and tried to hide them. It turns out, while Shail and Alsan got stuck in the portal for a few years, the unicorn and dragon came through the rift and reincarnated in human bodies.

Lunnaris is the unicorn whose soul was reborn as Vic. Her grandma tracked her down, adopted her and has been keeping watch since. Shail also confirms the other piece of the puzzle and explains why Jack was always so drawn to Vic. He's the reincarnation of Yandrak, ergo why he was able to wield the flaming sword as only the dragon could do so. Kirtash figured it out and that's why he wanted to kill Jack, so he couldn't unite with Vic, as that would expose her and push Ashran to snatch her.

The New Alliance Forms

As these bombshells occur, the Soul (the gateway that transports people to and from Limbhad) deems Kirtash worthy and as a result of its ability to pluck that person from wherever they're at, it grabs him from Idhun just when Ashran's snakes are about to kill him. Kirtash is badly bruised but he'll survive and the senior mages reveal that in the dragon/unicorn prophecy, a serpent is meant to help them.

This was kept secret as it was considered blasphemy but that's now found to be Kirtash. He can transform into a giant, winged-serpent as his dad fused his soul with a Shek, and now fate has finally lined them all up. Still, while Kirtash opens a portal for them to go to Idhun, as Ashran barred the Soul from doing so years ago, he doesn't want to join the Resistance as he think he's better off as a loner.

Jack teases, though, that he can protect Vic without Kirtash. This reignites their love triangle as Kirtash, despite not liking Jack, wants to make sure his beloved is safe so he takes the offer up to be a bodyguard. They all head through the rift to seek out the other sorcerers Shail found when Kirtash sent him there in Season 1, hoping to build a big army to take Ashran down once and for all.

Both seasons of The Idhun Chronicles are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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