The Idhun Chronicles Finally Redeems a Powerful Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of The Idhun Chronicles, available on Netflix.

Season 2 of Netflix's The Idhun Chronicles finally provides a lot of answers regarding the trifecta of teens around which the magical story revolves. At the heart of it is Kirtash, the mage who seems hellbent on killing Jack, Alsan and the remnants of the Resistance, all while trying to woo Victoria to his side. However, as much as he seems to be a villain, Kirtash's past connects with his present and, thanks to a familiar face returning, he gets a shocking redemption arc.

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It's revealed Ashran, the Necromancer who worked with giant winged-serpents called Sheks, is actually Kirtash's father. He stole the kid when he was a baby, killed his mother and merged Kirtash with a Shek, creating a new being of magic. This was part of the plan to work with the snakes and take Idhun, which they did, and it's why a conditioned Kirtash is now leading Ashran's hunt, killing off refugees so they can't ever come back and lead a coup.

However, Ashran doesn't like Kirtash being in love and trying to bring Vic to their side, as it's distracting the boy. It causes him and the evil fairy, Gerde, to brainwash Kirtash, who then kidnaps Vic and brings her to the boss. Ashran uses her to drain the magic of the land in Idhun, powering his dark tower up, but Kirtash comes to after seeing her suffering and begins to revolt. He even has a masked sorcerer enter, revealed to be Shail. Fans thought Kirtash killed Shail last season but he really transported him back to Idhun to muster up more soldiers for the war against his dad.

When they rescue the girl, Kirtash teleports them back to Limbhad and stays behind to fight his father. It's a stunning sacrifice but he knows Vic has to be protected because of the unicorn magic in her. More so, she'll be safe with Jack and the others. Vic's grandmother, who's revealed to be a fairy herself, tells the camp Kirtash was playing a game of his own.

Though wanted to kill them and keep Vic for herself, he became more selfless seeing how she loved her family. He didn't have that growing up, which is why he was so cold. He was robbed of a home, but thankfully, he learned from the Resistance about togetherness and love.

This is why the grandmother allowed him to visit Vic in secret as she could tell he was warming up and coming over to the light. As he was lost and confused, she just didn't want to push him or alert the Resistance, which allowed his hate for Ashran to emerge organically. Unfortunately, as he's alone back in Idhun, everyone's worried because he's no match for Ashran, not to mention they have no clue which other soldiers are ganging up on him. The fact they can't use the Soul to send them from Limbhad back there for him makes it even more heartbreaking, which leaves Vic truly distraught as she always believed he had good in him.

Both seasons of The Idhun Chronicles are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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