The Flash Set Photos Reveal the Arrowverse’s Newest Female Speedster

A new female speedster is set to join the cast of The Flash, according to a leaked photo from the set of the CW show's upcoming season.

A collection of behind-the-scenes photos was shared to Reddit, showcasing an unknown actor working alongside series star Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash. The actor's costume closely resembles that of Fast Track, a relatively new Speed Force-empowered hero who became an ally to the Flash in his most recent series. The character was briefly referenced in the Season 7 premier of the show as an author whose work Chester P. Runk was reading, but it appears she'll make her live-action debut sooner rather than later.

Debuting in 2016, Fast Track is the superhero identity of Meena Dhawan. Originally a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, Meena was caught in a Speed Force storm along with many other citizens of Central City and ended up with supersonic abilities. She helped the Flash train the new crop of speedsters and briefly was a romantic interest for the Fastest Man Alive. Meena briefly became an antagonist when she was brainwashed into working for the terrorist group Black Hole, but has since been freed and continued her work as an ally and confidant of the Flash.

Fast Track isn't the only Speedster who may be joining the Arrowverse's longest-running show. In the episode "Impulsive Excessive Disorder," Barry Allen's future children, Nora and Bart, time traveled back to 2013 to protect their loved ones' futures. While there, Bart met and flirted with Avery Ho, a young quantum mechanics student. In the comics, Avery also gained powers from the Speed Force storm. She would eventually relocate to Shanghai and serve as the Flash with the Justice League of China.

Season 8 of The Flash has already introduced a potential new hero in Tinya Wazzo, a young metahuman vigilante who in the comics becomes Phantom Girl, a longtime member of the 31st Century's premier superhero team, the Legion of Super-Heroes. Additionally, the latest episode of the series, "Reckless," revealed that the mysterious black flame that's been stalking and killing people around Central City has some connection to the late Ronnie Raymond, Caitlin Snow's former fiancée and one half of the nuclear-powered hero Firestorm.

While The Flash has been renewed for a ninth season, reports indicate that Gustin has only renewed his contract for one additional season. This may indicate that he is gearing up to depart the show or that the series itself is intended to end after Season 9 to be its last. Neither Gustin nor The CW have announced any news regarding the show's conclusion.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

Source: Reddit

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