The Flash and Kid Flash Debut New Stealth Suits

The following contains spoilers for The Flash #782, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Flash and Kid Flash now have stealth suits.

After Wally and Wallace West defeat the metallic villain Girder in The Flash #782, written by Jeremy Adams with art from Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan, they race him back to Iron Heights Penitentiary where he was incarcerated. However, their conversation with Warden Gregory Wolfe raises some questions and suspicions about how Girder managed to escape. To investigate, the duo don new, black stealth suits -- courtesy of Wally's job at Terrific-Tech -- and sneak into the prison in an attempt to figure out what the warden may be hiding.

Though the stealth suits add to both Wally and Wallace's closets and their history of various super suits, this is not the first time that Wally has sported a stealth suit. Back when the Young Justice animated series was still airing on Cartoon Network, the show's version of Wally West (still Kid Flash, unlike in current comics) was given a stealth suit along with his heroic teammates for their covert missions. Unfortunately for fans of the speedster on the show, he died at the end of Season 2, Young Justice: Invasion.

Though the show is now on its fourth season, Young Justice: Phantoms, and streaming on HBO Max, Wally has yet to return to life on the show, unlike his comic book counterpart. In 2016, the hero made his dramatic return in DC Universe: Rebirth #1 when Flash Barry Allen pulled him out of the Speed Force. In the issue following The Flash #782, Wally is going to have the opportunity to return the favor and bring Barry back to reality.

Wally and Wallace's team-up will continue into DC Comics' upcoming Dark Crisis event, which follows "The Death of the Justice League." The Flash will tie into the event with a three-part story arc titled "The Search for Barry Allen." Barry has been missing from the DC Universe ever since his encounter with Pariah at the end of Infinite Frontier #6, where he was blasted away into a dreamworld called "Earth-Flash.1." Wally and Wallace's search for their mentor will stretch across the summer from The Flash #783 through #785.

The Flash #782 is written by Adams with interior art from Pasarin and Ryan, colors by Jeremy Cox and Peter Pantazis and letters by Rob Leigh. Main cover art for the issue is by Brandon Peterson and Michael Atiyeh, with a variant cover by Todd Nauck. The issue is now on sale from DC Comics while The Flash #783 is set to release June 21.

Source: DC Comics

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