The Disco Biscuits release 9th studio album ‘Revolution in Motion’

The Disco Biscuits unveil their ninth studio album, “Revolution in Motion,” an ambitious space opera spanning 14 tracks. Produced by Derek VanScoten, known as Cloudchord, and visually complemented by 3D animated films created by Blunt Action, the project has been released in four parts on the band’s YouTube channel.

“Revolution in Motion” follows an intriguing tale of aliens who arrive in New York City with a plan to freeze and abduct humans for research to benefit their own planet. Unphased by the extraterrestrial visitors, The Disco Biscuits emerge as unlikely heroes, embarking on a mission to save humanity. The story progresses as the band follows these misfit aliens back to their world, confronting the alien queen with the unifying power of music, proposing it as a solution to quell dissent among her subjects.

Each track on the album has been honed and refined over two years of live performances, becoming staples of the band’s shows and platforms for extensive improvisational play. The concept for this unique opera was developed by guitarist and lead vocalist Jon Barber with his friend Joey Friedman in August 2021. Describing their new music as “music aliens would love.”

And humans too.