The Day I Became a God’s Magical Girl ‘Odin’ Delivers an Apocalyptic Message

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 1 of The Day I Became a God, now streaming on FUNimation.

One of the newest comedies in the fall 2020 anime season is The Day I Became a God, but so far, protagonist Yota Narukami hasn't become a god. He has certainly met an odd one, though. At least, this girl is claiming to be a divine entity, but her attitude suggests a dedicated LARP session instead, a wannabe magical girl. Yota has come face to face with the young "Odin Sato," supposedly a resident of Asgard, and she has a dire message: that in 30 days' time, the entire world will come to an end.

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Well, that's just... great?

Odin sato

Yota Narukami is an ordinary high school senior who likes to play basketball with his friends, and one day, out there on the court with a friend, he meets a pink-haired girl in a nun outfit who declares that she is a god who knows the future. And the outlook isn't good; she tells the two boys that the world is going to end in just 30 days' time. She is Odin of Asgard, evidently, and she is never wrong about anything. Yota and his friend try to laugh it off, but when he ends up alone with Odin in the park, he asks a few more questions and tries to figure out how to get rid of this odd girl. Shouldn't she be going home, or bothering someone else? Her address is "Asgard," and no way can an ordinary human like Yota visit. No, Odin must stay here, and she'll do anything to prove herself right. Yota gives her a chance, despite his misgivings.

But Yota isn't taking any exotic trips to Odin's home today; it's a reverse isekai situation, and he can only imagine what's going through young Odin Sato's head. Is this a prank or a game? Is there something wrong with her or is she for real? But the evidence soon starts coming in, as Odin buys an umbrella and correctly predicts a sudden rain shower right before it hits. She also predicts a bus getting stuck in traffic, so she and Yota, instead of boarding it, walk right past it and get ahead. If that weren't enough, Odin correctly predicts the outcome of several televised horse races, and Yota's restaurant owner friend is amazed, as is Yota himself. But Odin isn't just here to see the near future -- she's ready to grant Yota a wish.

yota and odin

Yota has a lady in his life: his quiet and lovely classmate Kyoko Izanami, who has the surname of a mythological Japanese goddess. Yota isn't sure how to impress her, though, and he doesn't get any ideas while studying with her in the local library. So, Odin will grant Yota's wish and allow him to get the girl of his dreams by magical means. Probably. Odin notes that Kyoko likes boys who are good at baseball, and tragically, Yota had already invested himself in baseball. It's time to change course and try out for the school baseball team, and Yota suits up and gives it his best shot. And he's got an edge; Odin can predict how the pitcher will throw the balls, and Yota swings... and misses. He ends up getting an out, because the ideally thrown ball came too late, and Kyoko (who was watching) was less than impressed. Odin urges Yota to confess his love to her anyway, and he stammers out an "I love you." But it's all for nothing; Kyoko is seriously unimpressed, and heads home.

Still, Odin isn't giving up. She still refuses to go home, and in fact, she will stick around with Yota to try and grant him one wish before the apocalypse arrives in a month's time. Odin is confident that Yota's parents will allow her to stay at the Narukami household, and when Yota explains himself to his mom on the phone, Mrs. Narukami verifies who Odin is, and invites her over. As the sun sets, Yota prepares to head home with his new future-predicting, possibly divine friend, unsure what's in store for him next. Odin can see the future, but Yota can't, and at this rate, he probably wouldn't want to, anyway.

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