The Day I Became a God: Odin’s Summer Festival Visit Goes VERY Wrong

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of The Day I Became a God, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Yota Narukami's life was turned upside-down when a pink-haired girl calling herself Odin Sato (real name: Hina) arrived and declared that the world would end in just 30 days' time. The good news is that Odin and Yota will give it their all to make their friends happy, and by now, they're on a roll.

Yota may have struck out when he tried to win Kyoko Izanami's heart, but his act of kindness wasn't wasted. He cheered up Kyoko and her grieving father and he was there for all his other friends when they were in need, too. Everyone has earned a night off at a summer festival; unfortunately, Odin's sudden disappearance doesn't leave them much time to relax.

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It's time for a summer matsuri, or festival, and Odin can't wait to go, though she refuses to change out her god robes for a kimono. The warm summer sun is setting, and Yota and Odin are all smiles as they meet up with one good friend after another as the festival gets underway. Yota's little sister Sora is here too, and so is her friend Hikari, the girl who owned the ramen shop that Yota transformed as an "expert." Then the gang gets another surprise: Kako Tengan, the TV personality is here too, and she's looking down her nose at just about everyone. At least Yota's good friends Ashura and Kyoko are here too, and with everyone grouped up, it's time to check out the festival. Yota is sure that tonight, nothing can go wrong.

Up until now, Yota has been running all over the place, trying to heal all his friends and solve their problems before the supposed apocalypse strikes the Earth. He's glad to get a night off from his divine duty, and Odin is in the same mood. She dashes from one food stall and game to another, and Yota can hardly keep up, though he and Ashura take the time to terrify the girls in a haunted house attraction. Later that evening, Odin wanders off into the dark and feels an odd, cold wind, coming from an open reefer truck.

Eager to beat the summer heat, Odin climbs into the truck's back and sits down, just in time for the driver to slam the door shut on her, rev up the engine and drive off. And no one saw it happen.

yota leaping at truck

It doesn't take long for Yota and the others to realize that Odin's missing, and they spot the truck's tire tracks and frantically ask another truck's driver for an explanation. The missing truck is bound for Tokyo, and there's no time to waste. Yota and Ashura mount up on a motorcycle and speed off, and fortunately, they're able to find the truck in question and catch up to it. The driver refuses to stop and pull over when Yota motions at him, though, so he and Ashura, riding behind the truck, formulate a new plan. There's only one way to do this: Yota has to use his basketball practice to make a flying leap and reach the goal, in this case, the truck's trailer. Ashura has a significant leg injury, so it falls to Yota to take the leap and save the day for him.

Yota flies through the air, and successfully grabs onto the truck, climbs over to the cabin and tells the driver to pull over ASAP. This time, the truck pulls over and the driver, Yota and Ashura swing open the door to find a frozen Odin inside, and they get her out. There's still time before the festival ends, and a warmed-up Odin joins her friends at the festival to watch the dazzling fireworks display. Yota is in a great mood, and the good times have him convinced that there's no way will the world end after all. Everyone's lives have become so bright, there is no way they'll just end like that... Right?

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