The Creepiest Horror Manhwa, From Killing Stalking to The Predator

The manhwa sphere is full of creepy stories. These artists' ability to create memorable visuals and the lack of content restrictions means that manhwa can push the boundaries of horror. To this effect, the media can offer everything from chilling supernatural tales to realistically dark stories of murder and suffering. So if for fans of horror looking to keep themselves up at night, here are the creepiest horror manhwa.

Killing Stalking

One of the most infamous manhwa in recent memory, Killing Stalking, will leave you disturbed long after you finish it. Written by Koogi, the story tells the tale of Yoon Bum, a quiet boy. Yoon Bum has a crush on a popular boy called Sangwoo. However, this crush gets out of hand, and one night, Yoon Bum breaks into Sangwoo's house, only to find out that not only is Sangwoo a serial killer, but he is also holding a woman captive in his basement.  This causes Yoon Bum to become entangled in a dark and twisted drama, full of abuse and manipulation, as Sangwoo uses Yoon Bum's emotions and love against him. Read it on Lezhin Comics.


Created by Ryoung, this disturbing and creepy tale follows Remi Do. To many, it seems that Remi Do has a perfect life. She's pretty, she has a massive following on social media, all of her selfies seem to go viral, and she has a constant flow of brands desperate to work with her. However, Remi Do's life soon takes a dark turn when a serial killer starts to stalk her, following her every move. A dark thriller that will keep your heart pounding, #Killstagram will make you look at social media in a whole new light and make you creeped out by phone notifications. Read it on Webtoon.

Distant Sky

Written by Inwan Youn and illustrated by Sunhee Kim, Distant Sky presents a unique take on post-apocalyptic storylines. When a young man wakes up, he finds that the world has suddenly changed. Gangnam is cloaked in darkness, and the world is full of corpses. There is no electricity, and the whole city seems devoid of life. However, as he explores this seemingly dead world, he will experience horrors beyond his comprehension. Eerie, creepy, and altogether disturbing, Distant Sky perfectly captures the feeling of being trapped in a world that, while recognizable, is still very wrong. Read it on Webtoon.


Written by Carnby Kim and illustrated by Youngchan Hwang, Bastard is a creepy non-stop thrill ride. Jin Seon may look like a regular high school student, but he's actually far from it. A childhood accident has left Jin Seon with lots of lasting damage, including heavy amnesia, complete loss of sight in his left eye, and several limbs held together with pins.

Jin Seon's father, Dongsoo Seon, opts to raise his son alone, while also being a powerful and charismatic CEO. But Dongsoo Seon has a dark secret, as he is actually a highly-successful serial killer. It's revealed that he has been manipulating his son and forcing him to act as an unwilling accomplice in his crimes. However, as time goes on, tensions between Jin Seon and Dongsoo Seon overflow, and both of their dark sides come out, causing chaos and suffering. Bastard is a creepy tale about abuse, suffering, and pain. Its underlying narrative about how easy it is for people to give in to dark urges will leave you with a lingering uncomfortable feeling long after you complete the series. Read it on Webtoon.

The Predator

Written by Shin Heebin and featuring art by Chi-Chi, this series tells the story of Sangjin. At first glance, Sangjin looks like your everyday average joe. He spends his day working at a convenience store, doing his best to make ends meet. However, Sangjin has a dark secret.

His roommate is actually a monster that craves human flesh. Sangjin usually feeds customers and people who annoy him to the beast. But when a third person moves in with them, Sangjin's life starts to spiral out of control. A dark and gory thriller. The Predator is a tense rollercoaster where no one is everything they seem at first glance. Read it on Webtoon.

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