The Cover Mix: Folamour

Folamour is on the cover of Mixmag. Read the cover feature here and check out his exclusive Cover Mix below

What did you record this mix on?

I recorded this set at home, in the countryside, where I have a small but functional set up to record my mixes or tapes with two CDJs and one MK2 turntable.

Tell us about the thinking behind the mix itself.

I tried to build this mix around the idea of showcasing the whole spectrum of what’s to expect from my sets specially. Going from original African music to soul music through Italo disco and a bit of house in an hour was a challenge and I think that my music happens to be on the crossroads of these genres sometimes, so it was useful to link everything together.

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The mix ends with Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, is she a favourite in your house?

Of course! And 'Shame' is one of my all time favourite songs ! There is something very melancholic and sad in this song while spreading strong energy and hope in any room it’s played in. It’s not a simple love song, there is freedom and doubt in it. It felt perfect to close this mix!

Slim Young - Otan Hunu
Folamour - The Power and the Blessing of Unity
Don Laka - Stages
Folamour - The Journey
Fixed Angles - Anikana
Arpadys - Stone Roller
Bibi Tanga - Be Africa (Beg To Differ Mix)
Secchi ft Orlando Johnson - Keep On Jammin’
Valerie Allington - Stop (Extended Version)
Jill Scott - Golden (Grant Nelson Remix)
Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King - Shame

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