The Boruto Anime Reconciles With the Manga, Confirming [SPOILER] Is Really a Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 188, "Awakening," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto manga, fans were shocked to see Kara being betrayed by two key members that led the recovery mission for the Vessel. Amado defected to Konoha while Koji Kashin helped draw Isshiki out of Jigen's mortal frame; both of which ultimately led to the Ōtsutsuki alien's demise and him having to use Code as a backup.

However, in Episode 188 of the Boruto anime, we're seeing proof that one of these traitors is really a villain, and that Isshiki's death may be part of their secret coup.

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This episode has extra scenes depicting Kawaki's origin in the Kara lair, where we see him being weaponized and fighting Garo. The boy turns out to be a weapon of mass destruction, blowing away Garo's jaw. At this point, Amado's jumping for joy, exclaiming this is what the terrorist cell needs for its vision of global domination. Clearly, he's a diehard Kara member, and in reconciling that with the manga, where he's a friend of Naruto and Co., there's a huge discrepancy.

However, it's actually easily explainable. The latest chapter, #55, had Amado secretly talking to himself and plotting, which Sumire noted. It stands to reason that Amado did indeed want his boss off the table so he could take over Kara for himself and re-engineer a new mission.

In Episode 188's flashback, the fact he's next to Koji watching Kawaki means he has no reason to lie as they were working together to bring down their leader. But the fact he didn't tell Koji that he would most likely die fighting Jigen says it all -- Amado used him as a pawn, a sacrificial lamb, and it doesn't seem to be for the greater good. The same way he manipulated Koji is the same way he could be manipulating Konoha, too. He may have just wanted to use Sasuke and Naruto as failsafes to kill the alien once Isshiki beat Koji, which would have left him in a vulnerable state. And the icing on the cake is how Amado is concerned with Kawaki being alive. He seems obsessed with the kid being a weapon still, and it looks like he wants to use him.

Admittedly, Amado talking to himself in Chapter #55 left fans to think he was questioning Kawaki returning alive, but now in the anime, seeing how he loves the fact the kid can be a bomb, it looks like Amado's worried that Naruto and Sasuke have returned. He may have been counting on them all killing each other with Kawaki, alone, coming back. So while it's a risk, it's a calculated one worth taking as the boy has immense power -- maybe even more than Boruto.

Amado's behavior has been sketchy through and through in Boruto, and the fact he isn't celebrating, but still scheming, says it all. Seeing as Koji is still alive, though, things might not go according to plan as the antihero wouldn't like being used. More so, if Amado does try to repurpose Kara as a new tool, Boruto and Kawaki will surely look to put an end to society.

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